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Adventurous and gruesome stories of robber barons murderers and witches from the past

historische-geschichtenPast Book Launch of wondrous and strange events from the distant past:

Knights of Hugo Schreckenstein, embodiments of iniquity called or: “Dear Life, lost the innocence”. A horrible picture of the age of chivalry. Burghausen Lutzenberger, 1860

Kuno called claws of rock Bluebeard, Winner of the grand tournament in Worms, cruel murder of his six wives in the bloody battle wives chamber to-mouth rock, and his demonic castle dwarf Ali. A terrible Knight, Magic, Murder- and horror story from the old days of the Crusades. Burghausen Lutzenberger, 1860

Hedwig, the beautiful princess from Poland, Wife of Duke George the Rich of Bavaria-Landshut, and the treasures in the castle of Burghausen. Historical paintings of mourning d. 15. Century ; written for sympathizing heart. Burghausen Lutzenberger, 1860

Widowed Countess of Cunegonde Orlamünde, Murderer of her two children from mad love, and ghostly apparitions as a white woman. Altötting Lutzenberger, 1860, by Friedrich Wilhelm Bruckbräu

Guido of Scharfstein, the mighty conqueror of the wizards and witches, and the wonderful Rose. A knight- history and magic of the good old days. Burghausen Lutzenberger, 1860

The walled-nun, Poisoner, Murderer, Hunger tower and two avenging goblins. A strange robber baron history from the times of the Crusades in the Holy Land. Burghausen Lutzenberger, 1860

The dead-Wirth and his gallows guests, or: The midnight feast of the dead skeleton, and the Witch- and devils dancing on the block mountains in the Walpurgis. An adventurous and most wondrous Knight, Robbers, Murderer- and ghost story from the remotest antiquity. Burghausen Lutzenberger, 1860

Witchcraft and witch processes, he worked mainly in the Brunswick Landing by August Rhamm, Wolfenbüttel 1882