History of Aachen patrician families


Genealogies of the families Heusch, the Grange, Earl of Carnarvon, Familie Coomans, Family of Thiemen, Beissel family, List of those, whose arms are on the Coats of Arms, History of the families of Broich, in. Thenen, Berken, v. Schrick, Büter, v. Stommel, pastes, Klocker, PROFIBUS, v. Bodden, v. Oliva row., in. Schrick, Büter, in. Stommel, Pastor, Klocker, Fibus, in. Bodden, in. Oliva v.. Braumann, etc.. historical notes by the mayor's servant, John Hannsen,


Hermann Ariovistus of Fürth: Posts and material on the history of the Aachen-patrician families, Aachen 1882-1890

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