Month: December 2012

optimism of the year

The following are the words of Catharina Elisabeth Goethe , geborene Textor (1731-1808) the mother of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe : “ nehme Man 12 Months, they brush clean of envy , bitterness , Geiz , pedantry and they break it down into 30 or 31 Parts, so the stock for a year, use . Each day is done separately from 1 Teil Arbeit […]


Luther page Related: A complement to Luther descendants book

Luther page Related: Es ist Otto Sartorius (1864-1947) thanks to the theologians and genealogists, that there is this release , because he himself came from Martin Luther and devoted himself extensively researching descendants of Luther . It was also of the Sartorius Lutheriden Association founded. His works are the basis for Luther Research . Zu diesen Seitenverwandten gehört […]


Wilhelm Gottlieb Soldan: History of the witch trials

Wilhelm Soldan (1803-1869) came from a family of scholars Hessian school teacher was at the ducal . Gymnasium in Gießen , where he worked until shortly before his death . Besides his official duties, he devoted himself with great zeal and success historical studies , whose results were published in a number of those more excellent works . Best known is his "history of witch processes", […]


Past News of the noble estates in Schleswig Holstein

Past messages from the noble estate Oestergaard (Cod. ms. SH 361) in Steinberg Past messages from the noble estate Rundtoft (Cod. ms. SH 365) with copies of documents from the Historical Archives Rundtofter messages from the noble estate Unewatt (Cod. ms. SH 373) Past messages from the noble estate Nørgaard (MSSH 358) Historische Nachrichten von […]


Coat collection of Swiss citizenship of St. Gall, Winterthur, Churchill, Rapperswil and Baden

crest of commendable citizenship of the city St . Gall, Zurich: Verlag JJ . Siegfried, 1855 Coat of Anno 1854 surviving families of the city of Chur , Anton spokesman Bernegg , Zurich: J.J . Siegfried, 1855 crest of commendable citizenship of the city of Baden , by J. Kull, Zurich: J. Kull, 1855 crest of the praiseworthy citizens of Rapperswil , Zurich: Verlag JJ . Siegfried, […]

Update: Church book copies from Pomerania FamilySearch

FamilySearch provides for some time or the Evangelical Church of Pomerania books from the following parishes. circles available online . Office or District : Anklam – Krien , Wegezin , St. Nikolai , St. Mary Arnswalde – Schlagenthin : Reichenbach Bublitz - Bublitz and Porst Cammin - Kunow, United Weckow, Zebbin, Martenthin St., < – Bublitz und Porst Cammin – Kunow, Groß Weckow, Zebbin , Martenthin, St. Nikolai Demmin – Demmin, Alt Plestlin , Sophienhof Dramburg – […]