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Lucas Cranach the Elder: A contribution to the history of the family Cranach


Hardly a painter so much and so thoroughly was written . His work extends over a period of more than five decades and one assumes , etwa dass 5000 paintings were created by the artist and his workshop .

The Bibliotheca Windhagiana : Digitized Books from the coat of arms 16. Century


At the 5. January 1651 Joachim Enzmilner of Emperor Ferdinand was due to its “ sonderbar , famous, guten Qualitäten , aristocratic manners and virtues , Vernunft , admirable skill and sophistication , also because of the emperor by 15 years faithfully in the Lower Austrian government provided services ” in the peerage was added and was allowed to omitting his surname Enzmilner now Wohlgeborner Baron Windhag, Pragtal and call on Mr. Saxeneck.

Mscr.Dresd.J.1: Collection of portraits of the dukes of Saxony and Margrave of Meissen

Handwriting, appeared in 17. Century, digitized of the SLUB Dresden

Swedish nobility Calendar: Sweden chivalry and nobility calendar


Founded and first published in 1854 Gabriel Anrep for the members of the Swedish nobility. To “Riddarhusgenealogen” include among others, Count Adam Lewenhaupt, Gustav Magnus Elgenstierna, Folke Wernstedt, Pontus Möller, or Lars Wikstrom.

Digitized yearbooks of the Brunswick Historical Society from 1902-2004


The Brunswick Historical Society now exists since the year 1901 and has since different , some periodical publications on regional history of the space between resin , Lüneburg Heath and Weser published .