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The Family History of African nobility Meis 1570 to 1820


The parish registers of Ephorie Grossenhain were first along the same ( Riesa , Zadel , Zscheila 1548) in the larger towns ( Grossenhain 1568, Elsterwerda 1575) and in the more important parishes (Ebersbach 1567, Glaubitz , Kmehlen, Ponickau , Sacka , Zeithain ca. 1580) created. Shortly after the third church visitation of the year 1575 they came into general use . church records include not just drought and dry enumerations , they pose rather a wealth of business , kultur- and historical remarks , even sometimes humorous and poetic effusions . your reliability gives them the status of full-fledged historical documents .

Digital church records duplicates from the circles Regenwalde, Schlochau, Labes and German crown


Subsequent church books are digitized Schlochau from the district and county in the former rain forest Pomerania, and in the group German crown in the county Marienwerder.

Cosmo of Simmer: Historische genealogische Cosmographia

Register oder Index seiner zehnjährigen Arbeit und historischen genealogischen Cosmographia oder Welt-Beschreibung   Cosmus von Simmer (1581-1650) the son of the alderman Kolberger Jochim and his wife Judith Simmer Brunswick after his voice began studying and traveling across Europe in 1605 at the “Historical genealogy Cosmographia” to write, originally 14 Folios included. What remains of it is left, here for my readers as a Digital Edition. Cosmo was on 10. October knighted in Wroclaw. Literature on the author: Gottfried von Bülow: Cosmo of Simmer. In: Allgemeine  [...]