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Genealogy of the Baltic race of Gruenewaldt


The first signs of a genealogy of the family are found in Gruenewaldt Hupel; But there is, except John, Adam and his sons, only the previous generation and the list is still very superficial. The real founder of the Baltic Genealogy Wrangell, Baron Moritz. Originally, the name Gronwald, Grönewald and other variants gelautet; The spelling has Gruenewaldt in the second half of the XVII. Century naturalized (Estonian of nobility) The name first appeared in 1297 on and in a suit because of the Lübeck robbery[...]

3000 Years old: The oldest documented genetic family tree of the world


ZDFinfo shows the most spectacular criminal cases and the latest techniques of DNA analysis For genealogists, the DNA analysis is invaluable. Example Südharz Lichtenstein cave (Start the video at minute ZDF 29:30) Here was found a hidden cave entrance. The column is only 30 cm. Deep in the mountains an incredible discovery! Of bone 40 People, well preserved in the cold, covered by ice crystals. On Johann Friedrich Blumenbach Institute of Zoology and Anthropology at Göttingen was cracked in an elaborate study of the genetic code. The skeletons are 3000 Jahre  [...]