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History of the Count and sex of those baronial Grote


The origin of the Grote family until Henry the Lion: The German parent, in which the oldest documented Grote

History of old Brabant van den Velde or sex of the Velden


To the present work in a concise form the main results of studies on the history

Certificate Book of the City of Hildesheim 996 to 1597


Content: Of c. 996 to 1346 Second Theitospan>.. Of 1347 to 1400 Third Part. Of 1401 to 1427 The fourth part. Of 1428 to 1450

The life and work of the historian John Sinapius (1667-1725)


The presentation of the life of John Sinapius (1667-1725) against the historical background of his family is no easy task. When studying the small publications and notices on this subject, one faces many inconsistencies

Publ-Gruber: General Encyclopedia of Sciences and Arts


The Universal Encyclopaedia of Sciences and Arts (Ersch short-Gruber) is a comprehensive, Scientific Encyclopedia, of the 1818 to 1889 First of John Samuel and Johann Gottfried Gruber Ersch and edited by 400 Scholars has been developed. It comprises 167 Text-books of almost 79.000 Pages in three sections and 1 Plate volume as well as several panel inserts. The work was 1831 from the Brockhaus publishing house and taken 1889 set unfinished. (See Wikisource)