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Old Prussian Genealogy of the vintages 1930 to 1939


Leaves of the Association for Family Research in Eastern- and West Prussia. Editor Dr. William Meyer, appeared in Königsberg, Commission in the East Prussian homeland publishing Heiligenbeil.

History of sex Arndt (Descendants of Andrew Arndt Putbus) with family trees and coats of arms


Willibald Arno Arndt was born on 9.3.1835 in Rothebude, married on 10.10.1863 in Trier mit Catharina Elisabeth Charlotte Linz (called Rini) give. 1.6.1840 in Dusseldorf, died on 26.1.1898 in Baden-Baden

Documents and calendar entries on the history of Viscount and Baron von Hammerstein


The Barons of Hammerstein are a German family. From the beginning of the 17. Century by Hammerstein to Equord, the family divided in 17./18. Century in the lines Hammerstein-Equord, Hammerstein and Hammerstein-Gesmold Loxton.

Brandenburg's military power under the Great Elector : Moderate source representation


Brandenburg's military power under the Great Elector : Moderate source of each depiction, in the time of 1640 to 1688 kurbrandenburgischen existing regiments and other independent bodies of troops.

Full history of the family of the Barons of Elverfeldt


The lineage extends from the year 1138 until this day demonstrate an unbroken sequence. The Barons of Elverfeldt descended from the Cologne Edelvögten and that specifically of those, the name of Heppendorf led.