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Bluntschli's state dictionary in three volumes : based on d. dt. State dictionary of Bluntschli u. Brater in 11 Volumes


Johann Caspar Bluntschli (7. March 1808 in Zurich – 21. October 1881 in Karlsruhe) was a Swiss legal scholar and politician, Germany was also active in the. His works “General State Law 1852″ and the “German state dictionary” in 11 Volumes (1857–1870, together with Karl Brater) found in the whole world wide attention.

State address of the Rhine provinces : Region of Cologne and Düsseldorf


Large state-trading book or- and business address books for the various provinces of the German Empire : Rheinprovinz Band 1, Region of Cologne and Düsseldorf Region, with professional- and branch registers, and a local source register: Region of Cologne and Düsseldorf Region, Hanover: Berenberg, 1901  

List of all teachers and graduates of high school in Greifswald 1861 to 1911


Festschrift to celebrate the 350 anniversary of the school in Greifswald

Top 100 Most Popular Genealogy Websites (The 100 best genealogy websites)


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Church register of the Duchy of Wurtemberg Tübingen


In it are listed the proclamations, Marriages, Baptize, Sponsorships, Confirmations and deaths from the year 1786-1799