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History and monuments of the city of Tallinn to Sweden at the beginning of the reign

The history of Reval under the Swedish and Russian rule beginning of the Danish government (1219-1227) The interregnum of the Sword and the Order establishing the City (1227-1238) The other rule of the Danes to the beginning of the Order of Time (1238-1346) Trade relations Reval's time to Danes The internal state of the city of Reval Reval during the rule of the Order (1346-1561) The time to Plettenberg (1346-1494) The […]


Monumenta Livoniae Antiquae

Monumenta Livoniae Antiquae : Collection of chronicles, Report, Documents and other written memorials and essays, which to explain the history of Liv-, Ehst- and Kurland's serve. Bd. 1-2, Bd. 4-5, Riga, Leipzig and Dorpat: Edited by Edward bookstore Frantzen, 1835-1847 Bd. 1 Bd. 2 Bd. 4 Bd. 5Like this:Like Loading


Poloniae Monumenta historica = Memorials of Polish history

These six works were published during the period 1864 to 1893 and form one of the most important sources of Polish history. The author August Bielowski (1806-1876) were the first three volumes out with cops and inscriptions of the grave stones, or the earliest mention of the Slavs in this area. Die anderen Bände wurden von einer Gruppe der Akademie der […]

Helping you finding genealogists and historians on Google – Directory for genealogists and Geschichtler!

Google – In this directory, all genealogists and Geschichtler can enter, who want to be found with one click. 1.) Going down to Edit 2.) Dann das Passwort Gast* eingeben 3.) Now enter your Google Profile 4.) Save to save it 5.) Ready!   Google+ Counter helps you discovering new people, trends and stats. Make sure […]


Genealogies: Genealogies of the principal aristocratic patrician families Lüneburg

In the German imperial cities of the Middle Ages was formed from the 11. Century, a patrician from the former location of the local nobility or ministeriality out. They called themselves "gender". The patricians occupied the Council and other important municipal offices and attempted, to maintain an exclusive right to these offices, also die Patrizier zu den alleinigen […]


Nuremberg armorial: Collection of coats of arms of Civil stalls from Nuremberg and elsewhere

In addition to the nobility developed in 18. Century bourgeoisie, that his position solely to their own performance within the company founded. This new layer of society, economy, Art or science class differences by trying to run a coat of arms blur. Of course there was also for the ulterior motives of a later Nobilierung. Tyroff for the occasion was enough, […]