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Genealogical and Biographical messages on both strains of sex Wangenheim and Winterstein


Wangenheim, as the name of the place of sex and we first meet in the monk of Fulda's Eberhard in the mid- 12. Century compiled the list of goods of the pen Fulda.

Baltic Studies (New Series) Register to the volumes 1-17


The special collection includes Pomeranica Pomeranica about. 18.000 Volumes. There are also more than 10.000 Volumes in the stock Old Book (Year to 1850 including), so that the University Library of Greifswald about 30.000 Volumes has, have a reference to the Pomeranian. There is a full text search possible!

History of the company Nüscke & Co. Shipyard, Boilermakers and Engineering Institute


Szczecin's excellent location at the water caused its inhabitants already in ancient times to build ships, on them numerous inland waters, but could sail the seas. That was the oldest shipbuilding facilities of the Szczecin here, was still conscious at the end of the 18. Century established.

Complete history of the origin and sex of the East Pomeranian


The librarian of the Herald, Professor M. Hildebrandt made the following statement at the time: ” With the gender of the East, it must have a very special story, been many significant genealogists and heralds have about the historical past and the broken crest of the East of the head, without being even remotely occurred to get to the bottom. Only one East can clarify this”

History of the noble house of Campe and betting on Isenbüttel Mars Hagen

old book2

From the contents: 1163-1230 under the name of the Blankenburg 1230-1367 under the name of the Campe Campe Isenbüttel on Mars and betting by Hagen 1367-1782 The von Campe to Neindorff, Herlingsberg, Gersdorf, Elbingerode pedigrees of the Campe, of Bodendieck, of Krosigk, usw. What: Steffens, Johann Heinrich: Sexual history of the House of Campe Hochadelichen Isenbüttel on Mars and betting Hagen etc. : together with related family trees, Coat of arms, Seals and other grösten Partly as yet unpublished documents and messages, 1783