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Is- and Livonian charging letter: a collection of documents for the nobility- goods and history


Estonian and Livonian charging letter : a collection of documents and goods to the nobility history Estonia and Livonia, in translations and extracts, Danish and religious time. Bd. 1 and Bd. 2

Goods inventories and the wild-looking Hallows- and Rhinegrave


From the contents: Fief of the directory Rhinegrave tungsten, Disposal of Rhinegrave Embrico about his legacy,

The history of the leather factory F.W. Minor in Brieg of 1811-1911


For the centenary of this historic presentation in May 1911 been published, with the installation of the property, a genealogy and history of the founding of the company.

The Imperial Count Colonna-rock on the big-Strehlitz, Tost, Tworog


Very close to Bolzano is the vicarage Vols. Already 888 King Arnulf gave the reward to the possessions in Engilger “Fellis between Montana Alpesque Italiae”. Engilger was a faithful servant of Jezo. Located on the mountain, the tower stood on the castle decorated for centuries “Noble of Vols” (the ancestors of the Upper Silesian Colonna) were.