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Genealogical tables and master lists of those, bear the name Steinbrueck


Content: Pomeranian, west- and East Prussian branch, e.g.. from Stolzenhagen, Szczecin, Hirschfeld, On the way, Świnoujście, Der sächsische Zweig mit der Geschichte der Familie Steinbrück in Goslar und Halberstadt Die Steinbrück im Fürstentum Schwarzburg-Sondershausen, Gotha, Weimar, Eisenach Die Familien des Namens Steinbrück in Westfalen und Schlesien und der norddeutsche Stamm

Family history of von Manteuffel, with its four main lines


Manteuffel is the name of an old noble family Pomeranian, wealthy and highly regarded in the Baltics (Kurland) but also in Lower Lusatia, Silesia, Mecklenburg and Brandenburg.

The castle Heimbach and the counts and lords of Hengebach


The name comes from Heimbecha first in a document of the Frankish king Theodoric I., with donations to the church at Arras. The name comes from the river Heimbach Hengebach “ubi Hengebach influit Ruram.”

The City Paper Pasewalk processed according to official documents


Pasewalk is an important railway junction of routes Szczecin and Berlin-Hamburg-Lübeck. When counting in 1925 were here 11768 Residents identified. At the city's attractions are its most significant antiquities to, as the Prenzlauer Tor, the Powder Tower and the Mill Gate.

History of the Salian and its sub-count in the districts of the Middle Rhine


Under the name Salian one summarizes a sex, located in the 10. Century in the middle Rhine districts developed and was eventually appointed in the person of Conrad II. and his descendants to the German Emperor- throne and to play a significant role.