Month: April 2011


List of homeowners the city of Worms

Those: Hauseigenthümer list of the city of Worms : together with details of old and new sections and numbers from A to F, Worms: Kranzbühler 1818-1824 VerzeiWorms dKranzbühlerEigenthümer of Worms : after the division of the city and the alphabetic discipline of the owner, Worms: Kranzbühler 1833-1852Like this:Like Loading


Genealogy of the imperial barons of and Schorrenburg

What: State Library Centre of Rhineland-Palatinate: Master table of the now imperial masters of Frey and Schorrenburg and vormahligen Armigerorum Edelen and servants of Schorren Hasell and Hornbach called. From the year of Christ 1270. bis in dieses 1739te JahrLike this:Like Loading


Pedigrees not matriculated Baltic nobility

Zusammenstellung von Stammtafeln der im Baltikum ansässigen und hierselbst nicht immatrikulierten Adelsgeschlechter.Like this:Like Loading


The Drachenfels presented with a historical pedigree of Viscount of Drachenfels

Those: Shell, George: The Drachenfels and its immediate environs illustrated history : with some romantic legends of the pagan past and from the flower of chivalry; according to the best sources, with a pedigree of Viscount of Drachenfels, the year 1455 to 1817, Bonn: Come to hawk. 1835 Other literature: History of Castles, Manors, Abteien und […]


Draft Genealogical History of the Ottonian branch of the Salic sex

Draft Genealogical History of the branch of the Ottonian and Salian race sprung from the same house lezten to Nassau on the division of the year in which vorgegangene 1255, Like this:Like Loading


Nicholas Henel of Henn field Silesiographia – Breslo-Graphia Frankfurt am Main 1613

Over the life of Nicholas Henel (Henn later field) enough is known, that creates a vivid picture of his personality. Like this:Like Loading


That Clevische Chronicle: with a genealogy of the dukes and earls of Cleves

The van der Schuren'sche Chronicle has been declared as property of the Turck Clevischen royal house and the office (Liber illustrious Domini Ducis et Cancellariae Cliuensis) From the contents: Chronicle of Gert van der shearings genealogy of the earls and dukes Clevischen source: Robert Scholten: Clevische Chronik: nach der Originalhandschrift des Gert van der Schuren nebst Vorgeschichte […]


History and genealogy of the family Scheibler

Those: Johann Heinrich Karl Scheibler: History and genealogy of the family Scheibler, Cologne: Du Mont-Schauberg, 1895Like this:Like Loading


Genealogy Flemmingiana: or execution of the genealogical Flemminge in Pomerania

Surveys in the title of count: Flemming a. d. H. Böck: Reichsgrafenstand on 16. November 1700 in Vienna for the brothers, George Casper von Flemming, Privy Council Elector of Brandenburg and Pomerania Hofgerichtspräsident to Stargard, and Heino Heinrich von Flemming, Elector of Brandenburg's governor and General Field Marshal. The Prussian royal recognition was followed on 30. October 1701, die kurfürstlich sächsische […]


Matriculation of the manors from all circles of the Prussian State

Die Namen der Besitzer der einzelnen Güter sind aufgenommen worden mit Angabe wie lange sich die Güter im Familienbesitz befanden.Like this:Like Loading


Finally Online: Pomeranian Geschlechterbuch Bd. 2 and 3

Bernhard Koerner was approximately 50 Years editor of the Strong Genealogical Publishing's birth family guide CD-ROM 9 German sex book volume 65-72 Strain effects: Achenbach, Alsen, Ammann, Anderson, Arndt, Bach, Bahrdt, Bauck, Bayer, Becker, Boehm, Bohemian, Bohm, Borck, Borgmann, Bosch, Bossert, Brother, Buchner, Carl, of the Crone, Delliehausen, Dittmar, Dittrich, Ebel, Noble, Ehmicke, Eickelkamp, Finsler, […]


The history of the Counts of Winzenburg and the Earl of Reinhausen

Hermann I. Count of Winzenburg, Born to 1083 and educated at Hildesheim. Before 1109 granted tenure and Winzenburg 1112 Representatives of the emperor in Thuringia. 1123 He was the emperor used as Margrave of Meissen. Best known as the murderer of Count Burchard of Loccum 1130. Why was outlawed and lost all the dignities and fiefs, so also […]