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Finally Online: Pomeranian Geschlechterbuch Bd. 2 and 3


Bernhard Koerner was approximately 50 Years editor of the Strong Genealogical Publishing's birth family guide CD-ROM 9 German sex book volume 65-72 Strain effects: Achenbach, Alsen, Ammann, Anderson, Arndt, Bach, Bahrdt, Bauck, Bayer, Becker, Boehm, Bohemian, Bohm, Borck, Borgmann, Bosch, Bossert, Brother, Buchner, Carl, of the Crone, Delliehausen, Dittmar, Dittrich, Ebel, Noble, Ehmicke, Eickelkamp, Finsler, Fisherman, Flege, Frevert, Frohne, Frost, Fox, Gail, Gervinus, Grutzmacher, Grunwald, Haakh, Haenisch, Hallwachs, Harpf, Hasse, Heck, Hein, Heldman, Helwing, Heuser, Heyn, Hollatz, White wood, Housselle, Ihlefeld, Jahn, Jaup, Kannenberg, Waiter, Kessler,  [...]

The history of the Counts of Winzenburg and the Earl of Reinhausen


Hermann I. Count of Winzenburg, Born to 1083 and educated at Hildesheim. Before 1109 granted tenure and Winzenburg 1112 Representatives of the emperor in Thuringia. 1123 He was the emperor used as Margrave of Meissen. Best known as the murderer of Count Burchard of Loccum 1130. Why was outlawed and lost all the dignities and fiefs, so also the Winzenburg…