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The history of sex from the Klöden 18 Generations


From the contents: Names and locations of the same name and description of the crest of the origin, the history of the race from Klöden 18 Extract from the generations linked by marriages sparkled families: in. Theus, in. Bassewitz, Fire, in. Broesigke, in. Eickstedt, in. Fahrenholz, in. Goldbeck, in. Hagen, in. Holsten, in. d. Knesebeck, in. Lattorf, in. Lochow, in. Möllendorff, in. Randow, in. Retzow, in. Pipe, in. Rossow, in. Schwerin, in. Sperling, in. Stechow,, in. Treskow, in. Wartenberg, in. Werder, etc., just to name a few source: Karl[...]

Deed books of the City of Brunswick


I have just band 7 and 8 the deed books discovered! The data were provided courtesy of the city archives available Braunschweig. The deed book of the City of Brunswick was a scientific long-term project. The idea for an edition of the medieval sources of the City of Brunswick is on the 1000 anniversary of Braunschweig 1861 back. Until the completion of the first volume, published in installments (1873), of the most important legal evidence from the period up 1671 contains, however, should not take more than ten years. At irregular intervals, then the volumes were published 2[...]

Conrad Green Mountain, armorial


Conrad Green Mountain's emblem book, finished 1483, with 2293 coats-of-arms and crests of european nobles, southern german knightly families, and imaginary arms. The two manuscripts also contain several miniatures and a few textual passages.

Pedigree of the family Seibertz to Wildenberg and Bruns appeal


From the contents: The parent company of the family to Seibertz Mayen

The Secret Symbols of Alchemy, Medicine and astrology of the Middle Ages


The secret symbols of alchemy, Medicine and astrology of the Middle Ages : a compilation of the mystics and alchemists used secret character font, together with a concise secret scientific lexicon.