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The family of Peter Roy in Neugarten in Gdansk


The family: Needle age, probably not of German origin, which is located in 16. Century settled in Gdansk, But because of his faith during the time of 1650 to 1830 No public posts held. As a possible origin in the southern Netherlands and northern France may be considered.

Genealogy: Free Service 1000 Eye!

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German-foreign-language and foreign-German town directory

ink and feather pen

German-foreign-language and foreign-German town directory for all of the German Empire in the Treaty of Versailles by the 28. June 1919 ceded territories of Alsace-Lorraine einschlieβlich : with an appendix : List of village of Austrian Silesia to Poland ceded lands. This entire three-part local directory is the only official printed work is in this area.

The free reign of professional city and county Wartenberg


The discovered pagan burial- and altars, Antiquities discovered the pagan Roman coins and give the assurance, that this area was inhabited in prehistoric times already. To which tribe the inhabitants can not but have heard say with certainty.

Genealogical tables of the Silesian princes


The Piast dynasty spawned numerous dukes and kings, before to 1370 extinct. The name of the founder and patriarch was Piast, Prince of Polans + at 870