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An ancestor of printed 1548 Luther's Bible


It's an extraordinary book, The Hannelore Lufft their own calls: Well 15 Centimeters thick, it is probably, The yellowed pages strong, many of them torn. The relief and is decorated with metal-reinforced leather cover not less worn.

The Autobiography of Viscount Fabian Dohna (1550-1621)


This autobiography of the coming of the noble Viscount Dohna it deserves a wider audience will be presented to. She's full of fascinating details of his teaching- and years of travel in the court of Count Palatine Johann Casimir in Kaiserslautern and Heidelberg.

Personal writings and sermons of the dead Duke of Pomerania and their families from the years 1560 to 1663


The Reformation was the numerous foundations received, secularized the monasteries and “Requiems” were not read more. Instead we see the “Lutheran funeral sermon”.

Henry Louis Gude: Topographical and genealogical descriptions of most European countries


Of Rendsburg-born Ludwig Heinrich Gude (+ Hall 27.11.1707) are the following works with the topographical and genealogical descriptions of European States

Silesii in Nummis famous or Silesians in coins and plates


Extract the information contained in this plant family trees and coins: by Braun, Castle Count of Dohna, by Hatzfeld, by Hochberg, of Nostitz, of Promnitz, von Stosch, von Posadowsky, by Roth, of Pfinzig, Haunold, Reusner, Walther, Herwig, Lindner, of Pucher, of Redern, of beef, of Sebottendorf, Heidenreich, Vierling, Moller, Fig, Ortlob, Crato, Kundmann and more… Those: Kundmann, Johann Christian: Silesii in Nummis or famous Silesian, Breslau 1738