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Releases of Copernicus Association for Science and Art of Thorn


At the 7. January 1878 appear to have decided the Copernicus Association releases its magazine as a staple in casual. In the years 1878 to 1882 Four issues were published. 1886 and 1887 the 5. and 6. Issue. With the 7. Issue in 1892 was the editor of Arthur Semrau on.

The family of Kawerau 333 Years


The 1. Generation begins on the Lorenz Kawerau 23.5.1623 died. He came 1583 first from Scandinavia to Gdansk and Elblag then. The name may mean Kawerau “Broker”.

Genealogy of the family Warmia Harwardt


The family name originated from the old German Harwardt name Hariward. The usual form of writing is found already in the ancestor of the Bludauer Harwardts, Ambrose in 1577.

Official designations, Professional- and professional designations from Altpreussen


What is the number of globally active genealogist is suggesting only, But this growing community is undoubtedly one of the largest on the Internet.

Silesian castles Bd. 1-3


The author describes the situation, Size and area of ​​the castles and manors and leads us through the history of ancient and venerable walls with all its owners.