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Releases of Copernicus Association for Science and Art of Thorn

At the 7. January 1878 appear to have decided the Copernicus Association releases its magazine as a staple in casual. In the years 1878 to 1882 Four issues were published. 1886 and 1887 the 5. and 6. Issue. With the 7. Issue in 1892 was the editor of Arthur Semrau on. Like this:Like Loading


The family of Kawerau 333 Years

The 1. Generation begins on the Lorenz Kawerau 23.5.1623 died. He came 1583 first from Scandinavia to Gdansk and Elblag then. The name may mean Kawerau “Broker”.Like this:Like Loading


Genealogy of the family Warmia Harwardt

The family name originated from the old German Harwardt name Hariward. The usual form of writing is found already in the ancestor of the Bludauer Harwardts, Ambrosius im Jahre 1577.Like this:Like Loading


Official designations, Professional- and professional designations from Altpreussen

What is the number of globally active genealogist is suggesting only, aber diese stetig wachsende Community gehört zweifellos zu den größten im Internet.Like this:Like Loading


Silesian castles Bd. 1-3

The author describes the situation, Größe und Umgebung der Schlösser und Rittergüter und führt uns durch die Geschichte der alten und ehrwürdigen Gemäuer mit all seinen Besitzern.Like this:Like Loading


The family of Haugwitz as the owner of Pisch Kowitz and Coritau

Description Pisch Kowitz: The village in old documents Piszkowice, is close to the river Steinau bald and has long been divided into Upper and Lower Pisch Kowitz Pisch Kowitz. Like this:Like Loading


The history of

The stories of the Germans Bd. 1: From the earliest times up to the stories of German Ludwig Bd. 2: Von Ludwig dem Deutschen bis zu LotharLike this:Like Loading


Medieval artists and foremen of Lower Saxony and Westphalia

In dem vorliegenden Werk werden die Künstler und Werkmeister aufgeführt, the performance of the architecture, Artistry, Casting art and painting were. The period extends from the IX. Century to the end of the XVI. Jahrhunderts.Like this:Like Loading


Family history of von Zitzewitz

The sex is Zitzewitz, how old Pomeranian chroniclers, Wendish origin in Pomerania. The earliest documents date from the years 1345 and 1347. It is clear from the available documents, dass die Zitzewitz einen sehr bedeutenden Güterkomplex besaßen.Like this:Like Loading


Theodor Zychlinski: Golden Book of the Polish nobility

Theodore Zychlinski (1836-1909) Editor of “Diary of Posen” In the years 1864-1870 and “Kurier Poznanski” In the years 1872-1876 . He was involved in many of the works on heraldry and genealogy. Like this:Like Loading


The records of the Albertus University of Königsberg

The matriculation certificate and the Albertina University in Königsberg: The first volume covers the years 1544 to 1656, the second – 1657-1829, the third contains the list of names and places, from which the students came. Like this:Like Loading


De Danske Majorater. And genealogisk Haandbog

Genealogical Handbook of the members of the Danish nobility. For example, the noble family of Krogh, in the 17. Century came to Denmark. (Spelling of the name Krogh, Kroghe, Croghe, Hooks, Krough etc.)Like this:Like Loading


Vienna address books 1859 to 1942

The community has its own library of Vienna asked the address books of Vienna free online, This is a great thing! The majority of the population of Vienna is now directly searchable, including the information to change careers or move house. Called the head of household, Witwen und ledige Frauen mit eigenen Wohnungen werden ebenfals genannt.Like this:Like Loading


Silesian life images of the 17. to 19. Century

Synopsis Bd. 1: Karl Gottlieb Anton, Friedrich Bernhardi, Emil Bohn, Otto Cimbal, Ludwig Gottlob Demiani, Carl Flemming, Rudolph Friedenthal, Friedrich Wilhelm reason, Carl Eduard Haupt, Prince Guido Henckel von Donnersmarck, Like this:Like Loading


Dietmanns Saxon Pfarrerbuch

To study the history of each parish families, but also the history of the village church, books are the pastor an indispensable aid. Exist for each region of Germany to, sometimes detailed but also partially defective Publications. One reason this works is “The whole of the unamended Augsp. Confession thane delivered in the electorate of Saxony priesthood and those incorporated, auch einigen angrenzenden […]


Messages about the life and writings of the Privy Council, Dr. Karl Ernst von Baer

Karl Ernst von Baer was born on 17. February 1792 the light of day ( The difference between the Julian and Gregorian calendars amounted to 18. Century only 11 TageLike this:Like Loading


Genealogical news about the family Windscheid

The family comes from Windscheid Blankenberg (Sieg) and was originally called Windscheif: ” Titulo Solemnis ex libris donationis Jois Windscheif Blankenbergensis”.Like this:Like Loading

Congratulations, Wikipedia!

At the 15. January 2001 ging die englische Version der Wikipedia online. Innerhalb weniger Jahre wuchs das Projekt von Jimmy Wales zu einer globalen Wissensammlung und bewies, dass das Internet den Menschheitstraum erfüllen kann, allen das Wissen der Welt zugänglich zu machen, wenn viele mithelfen. Anlässlich dieses Geburtstages veröffentlicht ZEIT ONLINE einen Themenschwerpunkt Wikipedia.Like this:Like Loading 1 Million new records

1 einige Statistiken betreffend GenTeam Exakt ein Jahr nach Gründung von GenTeam am 15.1.2010 have now more than 7.700 Users registered. Grab some of all users 90 Percent regularly every month. The user comes to around 70 Percent of German-speaking countries, the rest from virtually all other European countries and all continents. Unser […]


Pictures of Roman Emperors and Kings of Hungary

Mapping of all the Roman emperors and German, true picture of all the dukes and kings in Hungary…Like this:Like Loading