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Baltic coat of arms Calendar 1902


Baltic nobility, Coat calendar

Collection of the Wapen adeliga lineages


Collection of Wapen for adeliga lineages that are introduced on the Grand Duchy of Finland Nobility. The description above the adeliga ätters escutcheons, which are entered on the Grand-Duchy of Finland Nobility, along with short task over ätternas age and progenitors I-II, Sjögren, P. 1840-1843 (Description of arms of noble families of the Grand Duchy of Finland, with notices of the age and origin of these families)

Memorial Book for Beuthen sons died in the bloody struggle of the nations 1914 to 1918

Those: Honor and memorial book for Beuthen sons died in the bloody struggle of the nations 1914 to 1918 for people and country, a first Mach-drying to build a monument to heroes in Bytom OS, issued by the Committee to erect a monument, Bytom 1928

Pictures from the past of Dynastengeschlechtes Castell


The ancestral sex: Friderich de Castel lived in 1058 near Bamberg. Rupreth de Castello testified on 10. August 1091 an exchange of goods between the Bishop of Wurzburg, and two brothers and Richizo Winither.

Stauf castle and lordship in the Palatinate

ink and feather pen

1. Part up to the year 1263 The alleged relationship of the castle to the Stauf Hohenstaufen, The first mention of the castle and the nobles of Stauf, The Counts of Eberstein and the Habsburgs. 2. Part up to the year 1393 The relationship Staufs Archbishop Baldwin of Trier, History of the reign Stauf.. Those: Write Mueller, Hermann: Stauf castle and lordship in the Palatinate, Kaiserslautern: Thieme 1913-1914