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The monuments of the Kingdom of Bavaria


The monuments of Lower Bavaria, Lower Bavaria, Issue 1, , von Anton Eckardt, 1912 Die Kunstdenkmäler von Niederbayern, Heft 2, Bezirksamt Landshut,  von Anton Eckardt, 1914, Anton Eckardt, 1912 The monuments of Lower Bavaria, Issue 2, Bezirksamt Landshut, Anton Eckardt, 1914

The synopses of the city of Königsberg 1256 to the year 1524


Chronological overview of printed works collected, certificate from the existence of the Königsberg State Archives…

Chronicle of the events of the year 1940


In dem Digitalisat können die Ereignisse des Jahres 1940 be read together as a calendar, especially to the military events, foreign policy events, all about party and state..

The Hohenzollerns and their work (Five hundred years of history)


The origin and early history of the royal family are like most dynasties, the old times in the back wrapped in darkness and therefore often the subject of unfounded genealogical fantasies and scientific assumptions and issues, which extend up to the present.

Coats of arms in the Estonian Historical Archives


Simply outstanding! The database “Coats of arms in the Estonian Historical Archives” provides an overview of the illustrations of coats of arms, kept in the collections of the Estonian Historical Archives.