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The Council Lübeckische line from its beginnings to the present


The first written records: Elver of Bardewik was during the last years of Danish rule of the most respected senators, Ludolf von Hannover was the owner of a big lot at the corner of Sand and Coal Market Street.

The daughters in succession at home to Guelph 1235


Pedigrees: The daughters in succession at home to Guelph 1235 The various lines of braunschweig.-Lüneburg since Dukes 1235

The history of the Lords of Munchausen


A thorough history of sex-Hochadlichen House of Lords of Munchausen : Wherein the descent of all ancestors of the XII. Century, with many different archives and registries of deeds drawn

Richard of Cornwall and the Palatinate Reichsministerialen


Starting point for the present study was the marriage of Richard of Cornwall and Beatrix of Falkenburg.

Armorial of the Prussian Rhine Province


Christian Samuel Theodor Bernd had been 1811 worked at the library in Wroclaw, was 1813 a professorship, only in Kalisz at the high school and two years later at a school in Poznan.