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The family of Haugwitz as the owner of Pisch Kowitz and Coritau


Description Pisch Kowitz: The village in old documents Piszkowice, is close to the river Steinau bald and has long been divided into Upper and Lower Pisch Kowitz Pisch Kowitz.

The history of


The stories of the Germans Bd. 1: From the earliest times up to the stories of German Ludwig Bd. 2: Of Louis the German to Lothar

Medieval artists and foremen of Lower Saxony and Westphalia


In dem vorliegenden Werk werden die Künstler und Werkmeister aufgeführt, the performance of the architecture, Artistry, Casting art and painting were. The period extends from the IX. Century to the end of the XVI. Century.

Family history of von Zitzewitz


The sex is Zitzewitz, how old Pomeranian chroniclers, Wendish origin in Pomerania. The earliest documents date from the years 1345 and 1347. It is clear from the available documents, that Zitzewitz had a very important cargo complex.

Theodor Zychlinski: Golden Book of the Polish nobility


Theodore Zychlinski (1836-1909) Editor of “Diary of Posen” In the years 1864-1870 and “Kurier Poznanski” In the years 1872-1876 . He was involved in many of the works on heraldry and genealogy.