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Augustana armorial


Those: Augustana armorial of Sigmund Gossembrot, Mayor of Augsburg – BSB Cgm 98 of 1469

Genealogical tables of John Huebner


Johannes Huebner (* 17. March 1668 in Türchau in Zittau; † 21. More 1731 in Hamburg) Rector of the school to S. Johannes in Hamburg, was an eminent genealogist. See also Wikipedia. Many of his works have been digitized. One of his fundamental works, the genealogical tables: Bd. 1 1708 and the Munich DigitaBdsat Bd. 3 1728 Bd. 4 1733 Brief Introduction to 2 (3) Part of his genealogical tables Bd. 1 1727 Bd. 2 1728

Historia Welforum: History and genealogy of the Guelph


Thus begat a son Welf, The name was given Eticho and a daughter named Judith. This led Emperor Louis Judith d. Pious, (Son of Charles d. Great) after the death of his wife Irmingard with whom he had three sons (Lothar, Pepin and Louis) home as a wife. She gave birth to Charles d. Kahler, who won at the kingdom of France, and division 45 Years reigned, while his brothers Louis and Lothar in Italy and Germany came to dominate. Pepin the 3. Son was already dead. Eticho[...]

The counts of Mansfeld

The old family of the Counts of Mansfeld, one of the most important Saxon-Thuringian vassal families, which have shaped the history of Mansfield. The published works of Johann Gottfried Zeidler describes well the history of this generation.

Genealogy answer questions until the year 1707


Content: The Christian emperors and kings, the Elector of the Holy Roman Empire, the bishops, Abbots and abbesses, the secular princes, Palatine, Dukes and earls source: Family Tree : The student youth to facilitate, compiled into Kurtze, and up to the year 1707 forth out, Zerbst and Berlin: 1707