Month: October 2010


The Book of the Dead of the Premonstratensian monastery near Gdansk Zuckau

The manuscript in which the Book of the Dead is printed here will, dates from the end of the 16. and early 17. Century and has been kept in the parsonage of Zuckau. It contains 197 Blätter und das Papier zeigt auf den leeren Seiten als Wasserzeichen das Danziger Wappen.Like this:Like Loading

Database of students enrolled at the University of Rostock 1419-1945

In Rostock matriculation portal will be more than 80.000 Evidence made available to persons. Core of the portal are databases of registrations for the periods 1419-1831, 1831-1933 and 1933-1945. In addition, digital images of the original parish registers presented with some handwritten enrollments of students. Clicking allow an extension of the often very brief details of the database. Like this:Like Loading


Dictionary of Lower Saxony, writers from the earliest times to the present

Glossary of well-known writer from Hanover, Brunswick, Oldenburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg, the Hansa cities Lippe and Waldeck, provided with biographical notes. Those: Eckart, Rudolf: Dictionary of Lower Saxony, writers from the earliest times to the present, Osterwieck, Zickfeldt 1891Like this:Like Loading


German and Wendish church villages of Lusatia (Presbyterologia Lusatiae superioris)

The pastor and superintendent, Johann Christian Jancke (1757-1834) left a valuable collection of manuscripts and books, among other things, this sensational treasure, in dem jede Menge Genealogien zu finden sind Like this:Like Loading


Boettcher family tree in Dresden

What: Cooper, Carl Julius: Family tree of the Boettcher, Frankenberg: Roßberg 1886Like this:Like Loading

List of church records in the southern Harz

An important source of local history and for genealogical research are the church records. They were in the southern Harz from most places in the early 17. Century led to. Like this:Like Loading


The ancestors and relations of Adolph Halling

I must now necessarily in this work (in 2 Volumes) titled “My ancestors and their relationships” point. From the title alone can not draw conclusions about the most interesting content, researchers presented the family connections, an die man zunächst nicht denkt.Like this:Like Loading


Garelli's family in Vienna

The family of Garelli, is written by one of, has died; it comes from Bologna. Although not in the sense of the Austrian nobility noble rank had no official hierarchy, but they belonged to the first families of Bologna, were like the patrician families of other countries also equivalent to the noble families and the right, Wappen zu führen.Like this:Like Loading


Historical Contributions to the History of Berlin

Historical and diplomatic contributions to the history of the city of Berlin, Band 1 : Berlinisches City Paper Historical and diplomatic contributions to the history of the city of Berlin, Band 2 : Berlinische documents 1261 to 1550 Like this:Like Loading

Älteste gedruckte Stadtansicht von Nürnberg

Nürnbergische City- and noble history

A report containing various documents, Genealogies and coats of arms, which the history of the imperial city of Nuremberg and its nobles explained. Like this:Like Loading


The dynasts barons and earls of Bocholtz

This generation is found in the records under the name “Bockhout, Bochout, Boeckholt, Bochet, Bocholdia”. It takes a standing cross in his arms, is a branch of Crainhem, die sich dem Sitz bei Brüssel schreiben und hat seinen Namen von der Burg Bocholtz angenommen.Like this:Like Loading


Compilation: History of the German nobility

History of the German nobility, 1. Part, 2. Edition, published 1853 History of the German nobility, 2. Part, 2. Edition, appear 1853 History of the German nobility, 3. Part, 2. Edition, published 1854 Those: Strantz, Dr. Carl Friedrich Ferdinand von: History of the German nobility, documentary evidence of its origin until the present time, 3 Teile in einem […]


The stock register of the families of the civil town of Zofingen

From the ancient towers of the city were or are still Dam, the, the powder tower and torture tower, The expanded and provided with proper windows, now comfortable and friendly residents a view of the Wigger, Jura and Alps granted. Since the 40's have been cleaned up dramatically in Zofingen, Been all gendering (Doors and curtain walls) are […]


The descendants of the Chancellor, Dr. Gregory of bridge

About the family of Dr. Gregory of bridge we infer from the German nobility Glossary of Kneschke in Volume II page 95 The following notes: The bridge is a family-Saxon nobility, the ancestor of the famous, Emperor Charles V. is raised to the peerage Chancellor Gregor Brück of. Apart from the nobility, he had the goods Niemegk, […]


Bassermannsche Family News

The progenitor Dietrich Bassermann is to 1644 drawn in a circle Windecken Hanau. Here he and his wife Christine were born two children: at the 8. June 1645 the son of William, who was baptized in the Church Hospital Hanau and 1648 Little son Johann Dietrich. Dietrich Bassermann had about six years, the high wind mill in corners, ehe er […]


General Dutch Family Journal (Dutch Family Group Sheet)

Those: The Dutch Association Family Archives: General Dutch Family Journal (Family history, Coat of arms, Sigillography) 1885-1892Like this:Like Loading


The family of the county Zerssen from Schaumburg

This old noble family has its origin in the foam-burg Country. Your name, the vassal family of the village Zersen, which lies between Hamelin and Rinteln. Presumably was de Bertramus Chersene, its been in years 1223 thought and culminating in 1242 and 1266 de wrote Ziersne, to be at the forefront of sex. Like this:Like Loading


The Lords of Kuenring

As with most ancient ancestor of the sexes, the person is in the dark, it is also the progenitor of the Kuenringe, Azzo Gobatsburg of the case. Damals wurde die Ostmark von den benachbarten Völkern verwüstet und das Land nördlich der Donau mit Feuer und Schwertern vernichtet.Like this:Like Loading


The descent of the house for Lobkowitz Hassenstein

The history of the castle Hassenstein: The documentary traces the parties do not reach further than the 7. April 1295 back. Nevertheless, it is probably, that their establishment in the days of Charlemagne has been. Like this:Like Loading


The rule Randerath up for incorporation into the Duchy of Jülich

Arnold Randerath owned by his second wife, the court Setterich during a period of 10 Years, because the marriage was childless and was made after the death of this woman back to the relationship. Like this:Like Loading