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General Dutch Family Journal (Dutch Family Group Sheet)


Those: The Dutch Association Family Archives: General Dutch Family Journal (Family history, Coat of arms, Sigillography) 1885-1892

The family of the county Zerssen from Schaumburg


This old noble family has its origin in the foam-burg Country. Your name, the vassal family of the village Zersen, which lies between Hamelin and Rinteln. Presumably was de Bertramus Chersene, its been in years 1223 thought and culminating in 1242 and 1266 de wrote Ziersne, to be at the forefront of sex.

The Lords of Kuenring


As with most ancient ancestor of the sexes, the person is in the dark, it is also the progenitor of the Kuenringe, Azzo Gobatsburg of the case. At that time, the Ostmark devastated by the neighboring peoples and the land north of the Danube destroyed by fire and sword.

The descent of the house for Lobkowitz Hassenstein


The history of the castle Hassenstein: The documentary traces the parties do not reach further than the 7. April 1295 back. Nevertheless, it is probably, that their establishment in the days of Charlemagne has been.

The rule Randerath up for incorporation into the Duchy of Jülich


Arnold Randerath owned by his second wife, the court Setterich during a period of 10 Years, because the marriage was childless and was made after the death of this woman back to the relationship.