Month: September 2010


The pedigrees of Samuel Lenz

From the contents: From the kings and emperors in Italy in the ninth and following Seculis The kings and emperors in Italy by the X. The Seculo Marggrafen Jurea of ​​the Roman whore, the Carolingian imperial family of the XI. Seculi Die Sächsischen Kaiser Die Fränckischen Herzoge und Kaiser Von den Grafen zu Supplingenburg Die Schwäbischen Kaiser Die Grafen […]


The mayor of Hamburg and their families

The list of the Hamburg mayor since the Reformation is very long. Without shedding of blood was Protestant Hamburg. Since 1510 was the city as an imperial city. The first stock exchange was opened here in 1558 and even after the decline of the Hanseatic city-state remained an important economic center. Die Geschichte der Oberalten dieser Stadt und ihre Bedeutsamkeit für die […]

Naumburger Bürgerbuch Register A

Database Project: The Naumburg Bürgerbuch (1342 – 1853)

In addition to the church records are public books are an important source for genealogical research. The books were mostly citizens created before the beginning of the church records and recorded the images of a city civil. There were persons included in this book, welche das Bürgerrecht erworben hatten.Like this:Like Loading…


Historical address books of the City of Brunswick

Adress-Calender, the high-Fürstl. Braunschw. Lüneb. Head- and Residentz- Wolffenbüttel cities and Brunswick and Prince's court found there, of other colleges, Instantien, and Expeditions : to the year of Christ 1721 (Braunschweigisches address book for the year 1721) Braunschweigischer measurement- and merchant- Almanac for the Leap Year 1796 of P. C. Ribbentrop (Braunschweigisches address book for the year 1796) Braunschweigisches […]


History of the village and Kujawy rule Markowitz

Mieszko (Mieczislaw) I., The first historically authenticated Polish Prince, occurs as lord of Kuyavia and has his residence in the Kruschwitz Goplosee. There was also to 1159 the seat of the mid- 11. Century, founded diocese Kujawy. The first written mention of the settlement does not exceed the Markowitz 15. Century back. Also […]


Historical Oktoberfest

This year celebrates its Oktoberfest 200. Birthday – Congratulations! As the Oktoberfest for 125. Time jährte a Festschrift was published. When in 1810 the occasion of the marriage of the Bavarian Crown Prince, the Oktoberfest was celebrated, has probably not even dreamed, dass sich das Oktoberfest zu solch einer Institution bis in die heutige Zeit […]


The pedigrees of the family Rosenow

The family is of German Rosenow (Lower Saxony) Origin, and took the family name by the time of the founding of the city Sternberg in Mecklenburg (as. 1250) after lying by Sternberg and her obsessive village Rosenow (-Rosenau) an. The first of the family is on 25. January 1306 Burchardus de Rosenow as Senator Sternberg called. Ihm folgt […]


History of Aachen patrician families

Content: Genealogies of the families Heusch, the Grange, Earl of Carnarvon, Familie Coomans, Family of Thiemen, Beissel family, List of those, whose arms are on the Coats of Arms, History of the families of Broich, in. Thenen, Berken, v. Schrick, Büter, v. Stommel, pastes, Klocker, PROFIBUS, v. Bodden, v. Oliva row., in. Schrick, Büter, in. Stommel, Pastor, Klocker, Fibus, in. Bodden, in. Oliva v.. Braumann, etc.. historische Notizen des Bürgermeisterei-Dieners […]


Friedrich Wilhelm Prince of Hohenzollern dead

The nobleman lived in seclusion for many years in his country home in Sigmaringen. As an industrialist, he drove over the decades ahead with the expansion of its group, the round today 3000 People employed. In his place as head of the Swabian Hohenzollern now, his son Karl Friedrich (58) The prince was born on 3. February 1924 im Schloss Umkirch […]