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Art- and historical monuments of the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg


Band 1: District court districts of Rostock, Ribnitz, Brawn-Marlow, Ticino, Laage, Gnoien, Dargun, Neukalen band 2: District Court Districts Wismar, Grevesmühlen, Rehna, Gadebusch and Schwerin

Name of customer


The origin and history of family names, family names are derived from job titles, from the first name of the father or mother, Properties, of origin or cultural groups.

History of the German courts since the Reformation


Charles Edward Vehse, Historians, Born in Freiberg am 18. December 1802, He attended the High School of his native city, short time, the local mining academy and then devoted himself in Leipzig and Göttingen both legal and historical studies, by the year 1820 to give lectures in White, Politz and Haubold, here at Sartorius, Heeren and Saalfeld heard.

The coat of arms Petiscus in Heidelberg


The coat of arms Petiscus (here on a design by Martin Kortmann) has been used for over 250 Years out. The Electoral Rechenrat Philip Jacob Petiscus in Heidelberg has used the crest as a seal and put it on 1640 next to his signature in all documents. It is unfortunately not be determined whether even the father of the named, Rector of the University of Heidelberg, Simon Petiscus, This coat of arms led. The contents of the emblem stands in close connection with the ev. ref. Belief, their supporters from the evidence to Heidelberg[...]

List of all members of the 11. April 1847 opened in Berlin united Landtag


Alphabetical List of Members (Deputies) the Prussian United Diet. The list includes 611 Names of delegates, the individual provinces represented. The names can be downloaded here.