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Historical Oktoberfest


This year celebrates its Oktoberfest 200. Birthday – Congratulations! As the Oktoberfest for 125. Mal jährte wurde eine Festschrift veröffentlicht. When in 1810 the occasion of the marriage of the Bavarian Crown Prince, the Oktoberfest was celebrated, has probably not even dreamed, that the Oktoberfest would develop such an institution to the present time. Those: 125 Years Oktoberfest in Munich 1810-1935, Festschrift, Munich, 1935

The pedigrees of the family Rosenow


The family is of German Rosenow (Lower Saxony) Origin, and took the family name by the time of the founding of the city Sternberg in Mecklenburg (as. 1250) after lying by Sternberg and her obsessive village Rosenow (-Rosenau) an. The first of the family is on 25. January 1306 Burchardus de Rosenow as Senator Sternberg called. It is followed by the 16. More 1354 Hermann Rosenow, Citizens to Sternberg. The coat of arms, the lead all family members listed in the tables were entitled, comes in the first seal impression in the reports of[...]

History of Aachen patrician families


Content: Genealogies of the families Heusch, the Grange, Earl of Carnarvon, Familie Coomans, Family of Thiemen, Beissel family, List of those, whose arms are on the Coats of Arms, History of the families of Broich, in. Thenen, Berken, v. Schrick, Büter, v. Stommel, pastes, Klocker, PROFIBUS, v. Bodden, v. Oliva row., in. Schrick, Büter, in. Stommel, Pastor, Klocker, Fibus, in. Bodden, in. Oliva v.. Braumann, etc.. historical notes by the mayor's servant, John Hannsen, Those: Hermann Ariovistus of Fürth: Posts and material on the history of the Aachen-patrician families, Aachen 1882-1890 Download bei Compgen Goggle: 1. Bd., 2. Bd., 3. Bd., Download note: Das Firefox-Addon  [...]

Friedrich Wilhelm Prince of Hohenzollern dead


The nobleman lived in seclusion for many years in his country home in Sigmaringen. As an industrialist, he drove over the decades ahead with the expansion of its group, the round today 3000 People employed. In his place as head of the Swabian Hohenzollern now, his son Karl Friedrich (58) The prince was born on 3. February 1924 the castle near Freiburg Umkirch. After completing his studies in Economics in Fribourg and Geneva as well as two years working at a bank, he took over Basel 1950 the management of the family-owned company. With its 1996 deceased wife, Margarita  [...]

Genealogy of the Earls of Oppersdorff

Wappen der Grafen von Oppersdorff

In a list of operators with Leopold of Austria, who fell under the counts, the brothers Johann, Walraff and Peter Stone called animal. Her sex was extinguished with the death of Count Henry in 1519. Those descended from this family are, which is the year 1150 went to Austria, there acquired a territory in the Vienna woods, where two castles built, one of which Hindberg and the other due to its convenient location hunt (either from the German word “Eber”, or from[...]