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George Rhete one of the first printing of the 16. Century in Szczecin


A few years after the invention of printing had already found a native plant science, than at the 17. October 1456 the University of Greifswald was founded.

Pedigree of the aristocratic house Asseburg


The castle Asseburg, has given this house its nickname, was not far away from Wolfenbüttel and of the ocher (Aces also called on the wood) and will shortly be before the Duke Otto of Saxony (912) died, be built.

The mayor of Hamburg and their families


The list of the Hamburg mayor since the Reformation is very long. Without shedding of blood was Protestant Hamburg. Since 1510 was the city as an imperial city. The first stock exchange was opened here in 1558 and even after the decline of the Hanseatic city-state remained an important economic center. The history of the Upper Old Town and its significance for policy, Economic and cultural life are described in detail in the following works:

Hitler in Polen


The first event was the war underhanded attack on Poland on 1. September 1939. It was preceded by no declaration of war!

History of the merchant families of Bonn and Cologne from Pelzer


The Kaufmann family has been since the beginning of the 16. Century in Bonn detectable. In Bonn, the first church records mention brothers Lambert and Gierlich Kaufmann. The former was unmarried, which were Gierlich in his marriage with Elizabeth Chandler in the years 1626 to 1639 ten children born.