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The secret inquisition


The second part of “The secret inquisition”, “Prison of the mind” wird am 31. August 2010, at 00:20 Clock, ausgestrahlt. In January 1998 öffnete der Vatikan erstmals die geheimen Archive der Inquisitionfür wenige eingeweihte Forscher, unter ihnen der neuseeländische Gelehrte Peter Godman. Und erstmals und exklusiv durfte für das Doku-Drama “The secret inquisition” in diesen Räumen gedreht werden. Hier lagern Prozessakten, Briefe und Notizen über Päpste und Ketzer, Spitzel und Denunzianten, Inquisitoren und verfolgte Denker. Documents, die belegen, wie Ketzer verurteilt oder gerettet wurden,  [...]

The goldsmith's art of earlier times in Prussia


These two works, I would like to point, because it not only the story of the goldsmith's craft in Prussia, a lot of genealogical notes provide. For almost all goldsmiths, or. Goldschmiedemeistern werden die familiären Zusammenhänge erläutert und Hinweise zur Herkunft gegeben und stellen so eine weitere wichtige familienkundliche Quelle dar. The professional jeweler is probably the oldest metal craft in the world. Gold came in the rivers found in pure form and was the first, metal known to man. Goldsmith is the professional term for a craftsman, der Schmuck und Gegenstände aus Edelmetallen  [...]

The Bishop John of Blankenfelde


After the relevant literature is John Bright field between 1471 and 1478 born. Becmann indicates, that the Annual 1506 at the inauguration of the University of Frankfurt an der Oder in 36. Years standing, and already in 18. Age for D.U.J. I graduated.

The noble family whose coat of arms and Arenberg


The Arenberge are among the oldest Catholic aristocracy of Europe. When they see their ancestor Hartmann von Arenberg, in the 1099 in the fight against the infidels fell. Otherwise the story knows little about the cultural history of this family to tell, which is all the time was one of the heads of the nobility. It is called the Prince August, an intimate friend of Count Mirabeau. The domination of the sex of Arenberg experienced over time a dazzling ascent to the Duchy. At 1280/81 died the older noble Lord lineage in[...]

Palatina manuscripts or: Codices Palatini Germanic


The Heidelberg “Bibliotheca Palatina”, one of the most valuable collections of German manuscripts of the medieval and early modern, Since April 2009 fully available online. The collection includes 848 Codes with a total of approximately. 270.000 Pages and about. 7.000 predominantly previously undeveloped Miniatures. From the project of the German Palatine manuscripts of the Heidelberg University Library now follows a summary of some historical, genealogical and heraldic relevant manuscripts: Cod. Pal. germ. 081 – Augsburg gender- and Wedding Registry, 1574 1575 Cod. Pal. germ. 083 – Formularies (Kanzlei Herzog Otto II. of Palatinate-Mosbach Cod. Pal. germ.  [...]