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The Gdansk Gender mockery Feldt


The sex of scorn Feldt came from Bremen. Here is the oldest ancestor of documentary evidence: 1351 Johannes Honvelt. He is followed in Bremen without detectability of family relationship to the year 1575: Hermannus Honvelt, 1367 Johannes Honvelt, 1386 Meiteke Honveldes, 1390 Lüdeke Honvelt, 1450 Albert Honvelde, 1566 Hinrick Honfeldt, 1575 Everdt Honfeldt. Among the latter were, the father of the first ancestor of Gdansk, Henrich mockery Feldt are. Henrich mockery Feldt is on 15.11.1597 Gdansk citizens, after at 10.11.1597 had married for the first time. His birth is so[...]

List Latinized family name and gräzisierter


Within genealogical and historical research, you come up automatically again and again with Latinized name or Hellenised forms. Not everyone can “this Latin” something with, so I thought, I am writing once the most common name in, which are also found in my research over again. The list is far from complete, like I do accept corrections and additions. Buchstabe A-H Buchstabe K-P Buchstabe R-Z Adami = Adams Acidalius = Havekenthal Aepinius = Hoch, Hoeck Aenobarbus = Rothbart Agricola = Pawer oder Bauer Albanus, Auriga = Fuhrmann  [...]

Eduard Meyer's home in the dynasty of artists to Gdansk

Kegelgesellschaft von 1834

This name is to talk of a dynasty of artists. For not less than nine painters in three generations of this family include, had their home in Gdansk. A member of the family – It was the famous Paul Meyerheim – wrote in his childhood memories: A historical research-boyfriend wants to have discovered in the annals of Gdansk, that was the ancestor of a Swedish under Gustav Adolf paymaster, Mejerjelm who called and have lived on the site is, on the stand, the grandfather house in Gdansk[...]

Works of the historian and genealogist, Johann Georg Leuckfeld


His birthplace is in the golden herring Aue in Thuringia, where he died on 4. July 1668 was born. His parents were wealthy compatriots, did, however, so little attention to his lessons, At fifteen he was scarcely able to read. (The family has been Leuckfeld 1594 detected in herring. Herring was 1439-1815 Stolberg, a joint office in Electoral Saxony Schwarzburg Oberlehnsherrschaft) After his father died, He received his entreaties for permission, to devote himself to the study. Now he learned in a very short time the[...]

Stolbergische churches- and Urban History


The chronicler, Theologian and writer Johann Arnold time Fuchs was the son of George Arnold on pastors 26. February 1671 Born in Rosperwenda. After attending school in Nordhausen in high school and then in Quedlinburg, He studied theology in Jena. 1707 He was a deacon at St. Stolberg. Martini introduced, it was 1717 the management of the orphanage. 1719 Fox was appointed Konsistorialassessor time and by the Count Christoph Friedrich Justus and Christian for spiritual offices of the inspector and Konsistorialassessor herring and Kelbra. Fuchs was the time[...]