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Spa guests in 19. Century in wellness and gambling in Bad Ems


Ems has been known about since the Reformation with its springs and spas. However, probably the Romans, you know, the great lover of warm baths were, Emser spas have known and used as the first. The oldest finds are attributed Germanic origin of the prehistoric time. At that time lived in the area between the Rhine, Main and Lahn the people of Ubii, with the Caesar maintained a friendly relationship. Ems were in itself 2 Castles, deren Entstehung wahrscheinlich dem Ende des ersten Jahrhunderts zuzuschreiben ist.  [...]

Collection Redinghovenstraße


Johann Georg was born in Düsseldorf on Redinghovenstraße 10. November 1628, son of Dr. of. John Winand v. Reding Courts († 1631) und der Margaretha Mattenclot, He came from a patrician magistrates sex Nymwegens, which is already in 1 J. Centuries appears in documents. Johann Gottfried von Redinghovenstraße (+1705) deduced 1660 The National Archives-Jülich Bergische. Tirelessly he had made of archival, chronicles, etc.. in 79 Folio copies and originals of documents partly, and a lot of notes collected, for the history, and especially in the genealogy of[...]

Random Fund: Geburtsurkunde Edward Kasierski Standesamt Eichenbrück

Geburtsurkunden des Edward und der Miroslawa Kasierski, Kinder des Reichsbahnarbeiters Martin Kasierski aus Steinbrück

The geographer Anton Friedrich Büsching

Bildniss Anton Friedrich Büsching

Anton Friedrich Büsching * 27. September 1724 in Hagen, Schaumburg-Lippe; † 28. More 1793 in Berlin, was a German Protestant theologian and geographer. Essential addition to many geographical works he published genealogical works.

600 Mecklenburg colonists in Gdansk


The call of the Teutonic Knights to settle in distant, then still uneconomic East reverberated not ineffective. Thousands flocked to the families of the same.. While in the countryside, the old master and cultivators, the proud Polish landowners and the slavish servants still stayed quite a long time undisturbed in their ancestral seats and village communities, gathered in the cities of German life in a nation. Danzig as colonists city blossomed into a powerful trading center, testifies to the citizens of Danzig book, das sich von Mitte des 14.  [...]