Month: August 2010


Five gentlemen from the past

The nobles whose life image is portrayed here, lived at the time of the Reformation, or immediately thereafter to. Some led the Reformation in their circles, such as Joachim von Alvensleben, his brother and his brother Andrew of Ludolff Meyendorff, also at the Daniel von der Schulenburg discussed in detail the same father, Matthias. Joachim von Alvensleben und Andreas von […]


The Brandenburg nobility of the Groeben

The gentlemen of the Groeben belong to nobility in the archbishopric of Magdeburg and branches of the family still exist today. The family was first documented in the 29. November 1140 with Luiderus de Grebene mentioned and so it was probably her parent, a deserted village near Calbe Saale. The first representatives of this family were probably in the year 927 […]


Life history of the Maltese prince and lord of Putbus

Since the 13. Century consisted of the family relationship between the Danish nobility and Putbus. Members of the family were in the Danish service, and held high offices. These included Henning II. Putbus, after the death of Valdemar IV. temporarily in the state affairs led Dämenark, and the Bishop of Odense, Waldemar I.. Das Geschlecht der Herren […]


The house Rantzau – A family chronicle

The genealogy of the family began with the documentary 1226 John Ritter mentioned Ranzow, the lock on Rantzau settled in Plön. He served as a squire in the service of Adolf IV. and was to 1235 elevated to knighthood. Johann von Rantzau was the founder of the various lines Rantzauer, die in den folgenden Jahrhunderten die Geschichte Schleswig-Holsteins […]


Collection on the genealogy of the Bavarian nobility

Johann Michael Wilhelm of Prey (1690-1747) has with the Bavarian nobility genealogy under the signature BSB Cgm 2290, the most comprehensive collection ever compiled. Like this:Like Loading…


Aristocratic convent school students on the Ilfeld 1678-1853

The incomplete lists of 1550-1600 show only the names of students in middle. Of 1606-1677 Students are absolutely no directories available. The student directories until 1677 sind nur zum Teil erhalten.Like this:Like Loading…


The Herald Otto Titan von Hefner and his works

Otto Titan von Hefner was in 1827 Born in Munich and was, Like his father, historian. In particular, as he made his name heraldist. To his major work includes the four volumes of the Stud Book thriving aristocracy in Germany. It appeared from 1860. Like this:Like Loading…


Rhaetian gender or family history collection represent different families in Graubünden

In this work, it is accumulated representations of various families of Graubünden, their former residences (Today, as in large numbers Ruins) remember that time. Like this:Like Loading…


Ancestor lists and stories of bourgeois families in alphabetical order

In this section I want to point to printed family histories and genealogical lists from the net to download, sorted by alphabet. Perhaps looking for one or the other just to name these resources to further information or advice. The list is not updated more regularly, my collection of books but continue to skyrocket! Simply asks for!Like this:Like Loading…


History and genealogy of the family pastor

The time now is again a scanned book, where I have my pleasure. It is completely legible. I must particularly emphasize the work, has made the author made in the compilation, because that's how we imagine a printed family history. This is one a treasure trove for genealogists. Allein der Bilderschmuck in […]


Family history of Knobelsdorff

The sex of the Knobelsdorff comes from the Margraviate of Meissen and belongs to the nobility. It was divided into several houses, each with different arms. The sex appears first documented in 1203 mit Isenhard de Clowelokesdorf. The line of Knobelsdorff Brenke Hoff goes back to the District Administrator Wilhelm von Knobelsdorff, dessen Ehegattin eine geborene von Brenkenhoff war.Like […]


The eight hundred year history of the noble family Isenberg

In the County of Mark, on the border of the Bergisch land expands the Isenberg (BOSTON Hattingen) Insignificant today are the remains of the castle, Here the once proud towered over the area and was the ancestral castle of the Counts of Isenberg. Already 1113 displays a count Luitbert (Libbert, Lubbert) Isenberg as abbot of becoming too, wahrscheinlich […]


History of sex in Oeynhausen

Oeynhausen is the name of an old Westphalian noble family. The men belonged to the nobility of Oyenhausen in Paderborn region. The spelling of the name varies from Oyenhausen, Oynhausen, Oinhausen, Oeynhausen, Oenhausen bis Oeynhausen.Like this:Like Loading…


The line of the ancient and noble gefürstete Kinsky

The name China or Wehyna, in two equivalent forms, same age and same right, is one of the oldest personal names and Christian names in documents instead of coming to 14. Century in different sexes, and mean “Wehyna´s Burg”. This castle has crumbled long, aber das daran gebaute Dorf gleichen Namens ist ein landtäfliches mit mit […]


Basel Bürgerbuch

Contains all naturalized at the time the families of the city of Basel, with remarks of its origin, the time of the civil rights record, and the first ethnic group of people and those, for the civil service, Church Service, or memorable for science were. Everything is in alphabetical order and provided with historical notes, or heraldic panels. Ebenfalls enthalten sind die bis zum […]


Collection of documents on the history of sex Maltzan

Maltzahn or Maltzan, In the early period Molzahn, is the name of a sex uradeligen from Mecklenburg and Western Pomerania, with the Bernhardus de Mulsan, Episcopal ratzeburgischer feudatories, in 1194 It was first documented and appear with Ludolf Moltzan, Burgmann than in the years to Gadebusch 1256 to 1283 called, the master series begins. Die älteren Familienmitglieder werden als Moltzan […]


Seal of medieval Poland, Lithuania, Silesia, Pomerania and Prussia

A contribution to the promotion of diplomatic, genealogical, numismatic and art-historical studies of Slavic originally part of the Prussian monarchy, with historical notes and a detailed description of each seal. The work begins with the seal of Duke Leszek the Wise, which 1194 upon the death of his father, Kazimierz the righteous even in childhood was. In diesem Buch finden wir […]


Life story of Baron Otto Theodor von Manteuffel

The origins of the sex of those lost in the mists of Manteuffel. Older genealogists to give, It came from England and make a “Mandevel by Esser” the ancestor. Studies show a correlation with the Herford's dynastic “of Quernheim”. Schon früh gehörten die Manteuffel zu den mächtigen und freien Herren im alten Kaschubenland und zum hohen […]


Seal of the Middle Ages from the archives of the city of Lübeck

Issue 1, 1856: Holstein and Lauenburg city seal issue 2, 1857: Mecklenburg towns of medieval seal issue 3, 1859: Holstein and Lauenburg city seal, Seal of noble families booklet 4, 1860: Mecklenburg towns Seal, Seal of noble families booklet 5, 1862: Holstein and Lauenburg Siegel, Seal of noble families booklet 6, 1864: Holstein and Lauenburg Siegel, Seal of noble families booklet 7.1 1865: […]


Royal Bavarian aristocratic ladies calendar

Genealogy of the Royal House, Court- and religious festivals, Court Her Majesty the Queen, Royal convent for St. Anne in Würzburg, Display the ladies of nobility, Men whose royal consorts. Bavarian treasurer are, Neueste Übersicht des Abgangs und der Ankunft der reitenden und fahrenden Posten zu München.Like this:Like Loading…