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Handbook of German monuments


Die beiden Bücher geben eine Übersicht über den Bestand der deutschen Denkmäler in der Form eines beschreibenden Verzeichnisses, geordnet nach der örtlichen Verteilung. Band 2 behandelt Nordostdeutschland, als Grenze gilt die Elblinie. Das geschilderte Gebiet ist erst im 12. and 13. Jahrhundert vom deutschen Volk in Besitz genommen worden. Die Kunst die hier entstand, ist Kolonialkunst, bewahrt bis in die späte Zeit. Those: Wasmuth, Ernst und Dehio, George: Handbook of German monuments, Band 1 and band 2, im Auftrag der Denkmalpflege, Berlin 1905-1906

The Count of Leiningen-Westerburg


The Lords of Westerburg free sempervirens descended from the ancient Gaugrafen of Lahngaues; they are of the same origin as the House of Wied-Runkel and have 1226 separated from this. They performed like the famous taverns of Limpurg and two other houses in the Middle Ages the title “of the Holy Roman Empire Semper Free”. The term free sempervirens has its origin in the expression “sendbarfrei”and means “chivalrous or ritterbürtig. Coat of arms: The held in early Gothic style sheet shows the mutually facing shields from Westerburg (in red with a golden cross,  [...]

Field Marshal Leonhard Graf von Blumenthal


The sex appears at first 17. June 1241 with Knight and the Margrave of Brandenburg Council of Nicholas de Blumendal documented on. The series begins with safe tribe Rutger von Blumenthal, documentary 1305-1318, closed sat on Horst, Priegnitz. The Field Marshal was on 30. July 1810 Born in Schwedt on the Oder River and Pomeranian comes from an old aristocratic family, the different times to four and was raised in four different lines in the title of count: In 1701 by the Emperor Leopold I., 1733 by the Emperor Charles VI., 1786 by King Frederick II. of[...]

The arms of the Counts von Bülow


The sex of Biilow is a member of the Mecklenburg nobility and was 1705 the baron 1736 as well as 1814 and 1816 elevated to the rank of count. The family arms of the sex shows in blue fourteen, 4, 4, 3, 2, 1 Golden Ball (Balls) Because of the semi-circular shape of the bottom plate, the ball often in a different order: 1, 4, 3, 3 asked. From the two blue helmets grow, outward-looking buffalo horns, covered with golden balls. The helmet covers the outside are blue and gold interior. With the elevation[...]

Field Marshal Count Alfred von Waldersee


Not far from Dessau indicate two high walls and small crumbled wall remains the place, where once stood the village and castle Waldersee. Beginning of the 14. Century devastated the waters of the Elbe, and both 1341 There were the princes of Anhalt obtaining possession of the castle after the extinction of the same sex was here, completely pay off, to build a new stone with the Dessau. The goods of the parish church of St Mary's Church Waldersee received Dessauer and Waldersee arms with the gold and red[...]