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The story of the von Meding


The family name first appears near Uelzen, in the place and this place is Medingen on the property and home of the family. Are of great importance for the family and their benefices from the earliest times, in particular the landscape of the Director of Hodenberg issued Lüneburg Lehnregister the Dukes Wilhelm and Otto and the Dukes and Bernard Wilhelm “Seculi XIV and XV”. Almost simultaneously with the history of Duke Henry d. Lion, born anno 1129 in Ravensburg, begins the documentary history of the von Meding. On the death[...]

History of Castles, Manors, Abbeys and monasteries in the Rhineland and the provinces of Jülich, Cleve, Berg and Westphalia


Occupied under the Count and many noble dynasties and free areas in the Rhine. Some were in Diesten powerful counts and lords and received this feud. So it was decided, for example, in 1299 Emperor Albert I. on Opinion ever online princes, Gentlemen, Ministerial and Knight, him by the Archbishop of Cologne submitted Wichold question whether a daughter could follow her father into the Lehn legally? The Answer was, that no daughter was lehnsfähig, unless by the will and agreement of the lord. Some of the vassal[...]

History of Noble sex Strantz


It is a Dietrich Strantz the first clue in a charter of Count Heinrich von Aschersleben, Guardian of the young Margrave of Brandenburg as a witness to Bernburg 1224 called. In 1257 comes a Hermann in a charter of Count Heinrich von Schwarzburg, at a hearing in Gotha Mitzeuge than before and in a deed of Landgrave of Thuringia in Albrecht 1272 (Hermannus Stranz they Tull Present) Conrad (Cuntz I.) called Stranz of Lebus appears immediately following the Hermann Castle Markgräflicher Gesessener. This Conrad and[...]

Family history of Kardorff


The name of the sex of Kardorff is German and means at the present dialect, the word “Kirchdorf”. So he is hardly in divergent form of early. The family is one of the oldest families in Mecklenburg. The book also influenced keep the seal of the family, and the emblem of Ratke Kerkdorp to Nikör (from the church in Dargun) The pedigree is as usual botched by Google. Famous namesakes: Siegfried of Kardorff (* 1873; † 1945), German politician and lawyer Ursula von Kardorff (* 1911; † 1988), German[...]

Amalie von Gallitzin – A life between scandal and legend


She was a scandal in her lifetime and was a legend, that they hardly spouse found their last resting place in the village cemetery of Angelmodde – the beautiful Princess Amalie von Gallitzin, Born Countess Schmettau from Berlin. During her lifetime she was on everyone's lips – if all those with thin top layer of Birth- and nobility of mind in the small states of Germany- 18. Century, says. Was a scandalous aristocrat, their children's self-educated son and daughter, and even in the same subjects taught, with their sport[...]