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Gerhard told the Salzburger Nachrichten Öhlinger of Vienna: Tragedy and grief, the pain of the bereaved: Only a few lines of space remain on death images for the balance of a lifetime, and they can only guess, what background behind it. For people, want to explore their family history, the data are often a valuable aid. Fast 13.000 Death pictures of victims of two world wars are now available on the Internet and can be searched by name. The driving force behind the side of "gene-Team" is Felix Gundacker, Austria's only professional genealogist. The images of death are[...]

The family history of coming from Lower Bacmeister


The Bacmeister occur first in the Ancient imperial city of Goslar in a deed dated 2. July 1284 on, leased in which the cathedral chapter of Goslar to the Dietert Bacmester Johan and Johan Heidenreich along with the families at the lower mill Gose. One might conclude from, that Johan has been a miller Bacmester, which is unlikely at a later examination of the Verhätlnisse is. The Bacmeister had been established in Goslar in the country and citizens money back and to one of the most distinguished and influential guilds, namely, the coin belonged. Whose chief[...]

Documentary history of the family's Tettau Tettau in the branches and Kinsky


The origin of the family is doing in Bohemia, other reasons for its origin in Germany, where the same is already in 9. Century should have listened to the nobility or knighthood, albeit in a Lehnsoberherrlichkeit under the King of Bohemia related land, probably the Saxon Upper Lusatia or Easter landing. It is true that, that the family here as early as the beginning of the 13. Century has been at home. About the middle of the 14. Century they have spread to Moravia. They left the country but again soon[...]

Würzburg dead list


The nearly 5.000 Death note opening up the research data on the life and death of many citizens of Würzburg. They embody the time of 1672 to 1914 a unique source of personal history. Often adorned with sepulchral Graphics, they are an impressive testimony of the dead in commemoration of past time. Recorded by Peter Kolb. Can be searched by name or death dates. Website: Wuerzburg University Library

Documentary history of the family von Pentz


The Prince's Council, and Vogt to Schwerin, Joachim von Pentz has left behind two sons: Ulrich and Helmold. From those derived from the line Scharbow, from this the line Raguth. Initially, Ulrich's descendants were to Raguth, which it has first to 1533 exchanged against Scharbow. Ulrich had this much is known only to a son named Claus. The CV of the younger Claus can be traced fairly accurately. He first appears in 1490 together with his mother, Catherine. His father was no longer alive and he[...]