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July 2010

William Hamm, and the Book of Wine

12. July 2010

William Hamm was on 5. July 1820 Born in Darmstadt, the son of a Hessian Hofkammerrats. After attending high school in his hometown, studierte er Chemie [...]

History of counts and lords of Moers

12. July 2010

The first possession of the Lords to Moers was not significant. The former Count and Lord of Baerl, Lords of Asberg, Homberg und viele auswärtige hatten hier freies [...]

The World War 1914 to 1918

12. July 2010

The present volume 1 the mobilization and the course of the war in the border battles in the West shows. Die deutschen Operationen gegen Russland bis Mitte [...]

Barack Obama has his roots in Switzerland

11. July 2010

Hans Gutknecht A, before the 318 Was born in Ried years in Kerzers, is an ancestor of Barack Obama. Now make the farming village of the U.S. president an honorary citizen. [...]

Danziger family history posts

11. July 2010

Year 1929 Ten years Genealogical Society, Coat of arms- und Siegelkunde in Danzig Danziger Quellenkunde Die Kirchenbücher des Danziger Gebietes im Staatsarchiv Die [...]
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