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Historical information about the family of Enckevort


The first of the family of Enckevort, The book was written by a family, was the longtime deputy and landowner Edward of Enckevort (+12.5.1883) In particular, the diaries of our ancestors, he recovered very critical. The little work of Edward was only written for the family and was in the original in the archives to Vogelsang for Ueckermunde. The sex of Enckevort occurs first in the county of Brabant in the Netherlands 13. Century. It spread from the 17. Century in two lines to Austria and the Electorate of Brandenburg, while a third[...]

The noble family of Prittwitz


The legend begins not taking into account the truly authentic story of the noble family of Prittwitz with the beginning of 14. Century. The oldest document is dated 1308. Was after Sinapius 1316 a Heigerus de Pretticz miles in Herzo Boleslaw III. Liegnitz and this should be Heigerus later found to have the court of Duke Conrad of Oels. A Heigerus de Prittwicz was 1326 his granddaughter, Elizabeth appointed guardian. The father of the granddaughter, Ingram Trachenberg is a prematurely deceased daughter of Heigerus[...]

The family Plathner


As early as 1639 The family was in possession of a pedigree for the family to preserve the memory of their ancestors. For the same purpose, Christoph Friedrich the news about himself and his family 1741 enshrined in the Universal Dictionary Zedlerischen. In his will, dated 18. December 1749 He asked to make about this tradition. Christoph Friedrich was the son of the mayor Andreas on 10. February 1671 Born in the town of Mulhouse.

The church books of the Protestant churches in the province of Saxony


Content: Konsistorialbezirk Magdeburg with the Magdeburg Region, Merseburg, and Erfurt, Konsistorialbezirk Wernigerode, Stolberg, Roßla. Place name registration and proof of military church books Source: Machholz, Seriously: Communications from the Centre for German people- and family history, Sources and illustrations from the field of genealogy and related sciences, the church books of the Protestant churches in the province of Saxony, 30. Issue, Leipzig 1925 (Download) Liste der verfilmten Kirchenbücher von A-Z als pdf-Dokument Liste verfilmter Orte 19-02-2007.pdf

Sites of memory of Queen Louise


Illustrations: The Prince Schloss Broich Castle to Petershagen In Paretz in Pyrmont in Königsberg Castle Hohenzieritz source: Tear, Caspar; Polko, Elise: Sites of memory of Queen Louise in oral traditions / Recorded by Caspar Scheuren and Elise Polko, Dusseldorf: Baumann 1878 (Download)