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Contributions to the history of pharmacy Württemberg

Issue 1: On the history of pharmacy Leutkircher. ChriIssue als Apotheker. The Ulmer pharmacist order of “1491″. Wording of the order of pharmacists Nuremberg (before 1463) and Ulm (at 1470 / 80) – The creation data of the Württemberg pharmacies. Issue 2: The pharmacist exam in Tubingen 1807-1831. The pharmacist of Ulm 14. Century. The beginnings of Schorndorf ApCentury / span> 16 16. and 17. Century. The pharmacies in Sindelfingen. The history of the pharmacist in Reutlingen 17. Century.

History of the University of Wittenberg

The inspiration for this work was the University of Halle. Once before, the attempt has been made, the University of Wittenberg methodically to bring history to display, by the local professor of philosophy, Johann Christian August Grohmann, in the years 1801 and 1802 in view of the third centenary of the establishment “Annals of the University of Wittenberg” published in three volumes has. They range from the foundation up to the year 1733, why in the last part will complement some reflections on the scientific status of the university itself. Eine wirkliche Universitätsgeschichte aber bietet  [...]

The war against the witches, the extermination program of the Elector of Cologne

Witch trials were known to be a European phenomenon. But they were carried out only in certain areas, while not at all in other areas or held only a relatively limited. The current state of research is still very patchy, but it should still be pretty sure, that Germany was the center of European witch trials….

The history of the nobility as a cemetery

In every great historical movement, the nobility played an important role; In general, it was that of a stubborn and doomed opponent of all progressive forces, have directed their attention to the historian – an opponent of the monarchy and its management arrangements, of trade- and economic thinking, of the rising middle class pictures, whose values ​​are set by the emergence of a modern and historical research made possible only. Hereditary elites, one might term the “Adel” define, have always been involved, the European past to make. The fate of various[...]

Collection of marriage foundations and Leibgedingsbriefen knightly gender

The purpose of this publication (collected from several archives) which really made (completed) To prove marriages, especially interesting for the knightly genealogies gender in Prussia, Pomerania, Brandenburg and Saxony. The reason why is open up as many gaps in the genealogies, especially to, that the ordinary women found no adequate mention.