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March 2010

The history of the Kashubian

31. March 2010

Kashubians are a Slavic tribe. They form the poles together the branch of Western Slavs, zu dem früher noch die jetzt ausgestorbenen slawischen Stämme in [...]

Swiss place names

31. March 2010

A historical-etymological attempt… Those: Julius Studer, Zurich: Publisher Friedrich Schulthess 1896 (Download)Like this:Like [...]

Bishop D. Emil Albert Karow

30. March 2010

Emil Albert Karow was 1871 Born in Prenzlau, the son of Johann and Wilhelmine Henriette Karow Trebbin. Die Karows aus der Uckermark waren ein bäuerliches [...]

Bismarck – His life and work

29. March 2010

5 Bd. 1885-1890 up to the resignation of Prince: Full, pragmatically ordered collection of speeches, Dispatches, Political letters and state papers of the Prince / [...]
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