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Genealogical history of Leiningen-Westerburg

Genealogical history of uradeligen, rich and poor count's princely, unable wonderful, Mighty House of Leiningen and Westerburg-Leiningen : 1. Bd. and 2 Bd., History of the House of Leiningen-Westerburg : with an attachment from the same spring, for archival, manuscript and printed sources, edited by Dr. And. Brinckmeier ; revised and increased by Karl Emich, Count of Leiningen-Westerburg. Brunswick: Publisher Richard Sattler 1890-1891

Heraldic bookplates (Ex-Libris)

25 Ex-libris drawn by AD. M. Hildebrandt, Professor and librarian of the association Herold.

The nobility of Sweden and Finland

This paper provides a summary of the Swedish-language work published in two parts the author “Sveriges Adel I.. (1898) and II. (1902) The work tables are nominal over all living and extinct noble families in Sweden received, with number in the House of Nobility, the year of the survey, of lapse, nationality and profession of ancestor included. Also compare this product with the title: Swedish nobility Calendar: Sweden chivalry and nobility calendar

History of Burg Stargard and office in Mecklenburg

From the contents: Storm of Pomerania under Bogislav in 1280, Margrave Albrecht married his daughter Beatrix of Henry II. of Mecklenburg, John Werle as a prisoner in the castle, The Pomerania under Duke Wartislaw invade the country Stargader, Death of Duke Ulrich II. and III., Fate of the castle in the 30-year war, the 7-year war, Farmers in the office 1828, Genealogy of the reigning masters of the Old Stargard.

Replicas of old grave stones of the Württemberg royal house