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Biography Swedish War- and statesmen

From the contents: Count Rutger of mountain ash *2. June 1621 in Kurland, +17. April 1693 Gothenburg in a German field marshal in the Swedish-Baltic services and one of the greatest generals and politicians in Sweden. Adam Ludwig Count Lowenhaupt *15. April 1659 in a warehouse before Copenhagen, +12. February 1719 in Moskau, a Swedish general. Erich (Erik Jonsson) Count of Dahlberg * 10. October 1625 in Stockholm, † 16. January 1703 a Swedish field marshal and military engineer.

Prince Hermann von Pückler Muskau – A Biography

Hermann's father, John Charles Louis, Count Erdmann was on Pückler Branitz, real secret council, Born on 12.7.1754; his mother, Clementine, Gwendolyn Louise Charlotte Olympia came from the equally ancient noble family Callenberg; Born on 5.6.1770 she married – 14 Years old – at the 27.12.1784 and the professional Muskau brought in Upper Lusatia with their marriage. Hermann's grandmother was a Frenchwoman, Olympia Gräfin von la Tour du Pin. His two Größväter reached an unusually high age, the father's side was 89, der[...]

Live pictures of German men of modern times

Those: Live pictures of German men of modern times: with 40 Portraits, Hanns v. Zobeltitz, Published by Velhagen & Klasing, 1901 (Download) at the Russian State Library.

Noble history: Name- Arms and Share

In the older source documents to the German nobility was some silly fairy story invented, to explain coats of arms and name of training. As we know, the Brothers Grimm about the causes of the disappearance of many important announcements expressed their own views and even the learned in his heraldic Bernd “Main pieces of the coat of arms Science Bd. II. S. 67 ff” maintaining and researching old family legends recommended. The author does this say about the name and arms training of individual nobility in his book again.

The Hanseatic League and the German knights in the Baltic countries

The work deals with the external history of the German Baltic countries by the middle of the 13. until the end of 14. Century. These are the times, which arises in the northern German city club and get the ride to the highest power of Roden. Detail, the period of the Baltic state and knight of the Hanseatic League described; the military activities of the Order, The role of Rudolf of Hapsburg in the northern Baltic, Clash of the Hansa with Denmark..