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CV of Field Marshal Dubislav Gneomar of Natzmer

Natzmer (1654-1739) came from a family of origin Kashubian Pomeranian Uradels, First mentioned by 1202 . He was the son of the Governor in Schlawe, Joachim Heinrich of Natzmer (+1670) and his wife Barbara née von Weyer. Dubislav joined as a young boy in Dutch and only 1677 services as a lieutenant in kurbrandenburgische. And he took part in the siege of Stettin, and in battles against Sweden, temporarily as Adjutant George of Derfflingers. 1680 He was staff captain and fought 1686 with distinction against the Turks.[...]

The Kronberg from origin to the disintegration

The family was one of the Rhenish Knights Circle, from about 1220 to extinction of the male line 1704 their headquarters at the castle had Kronberg im Taunus on the present city of Kronberg. Ancestor was 1192 Wigand mentioned in documents of Askenburne.

Family history of sleeves

The name of the bourgeois family, originally a sleeve was undoubtedly “Hülse”, this emerges from the old church book records (Ego Paulus Huelse Misnicus Martisburgensis) Since 1768 Paul Gottfried moved to Premnitz sleeves at Rathenow and since then the name was written resistant sleeves. The oldest ancestor was a Otmar sleeve, as the honorable member of the guild of Beutler was located in Merseyside.

Biography of the knight Hans von Schweinichen

Hans von Schweinichen was anno 1552 Born at Castle Grodziec and he comes from a branch of the Silesian knightly Schweinitz. He began his career as a private tutor and at Marshal Friedrich IV. and at Duke Joachim Friedrich von Brieg. At the age he separated from Good Mertschiitz, settled in Legnica and bought a house there.

The memoirs of Count Ernst von Munnich

Count Ernst von Munnich, The author of this memoir of the years 1758, was the son of the well known and very famous in his time, derived from Oldenburg Russian Field Marshal Count Burchard, Christoph von Munnich (1683-1767) This was not only an engineer and builder of the Ladoga canal made a name for, but also as a general, the 1734 Danzig, 1736 the Crimea and 1737 The Turkish fortress conquered. 1740 He threw some grenadiers of the Russian imperial rulers hated Biron, Duke of Courland, but soon after he was[...]