Month: February 2010

The professors at the University of Giessen considered genealogical

The story of the professor's gallery on the year 1629 back, So was the time in which the University of Giessen to Marburg moved. (1624-1650) From the 25. More 1625 to 5. More 1650 pulled the university because of the plague and the 30-year war to Marburg, between 1633 they stayed for 12 Months, again casting. The […]

The nobility of Mecklenburg since the national constitutional Erbvergleiche 1755

Was on the crest of the Mecklenburg nobility already 1839 the “Mecklenburg armorial” and Hefner “The flowering of the Adel Großherzogthümer Mecklenburg” 1858 in the 45. and 46. Delivery of the great and general armorial published, However, the former is limited to the task and then the native wealthy nobility and describe Hefner's intention was, a […]

Collection of Johann Christoph Liefländischer monuments Brotze

Johann Christoph Brotze * 1. September 1742 in Görlitz; † 4. August 1823 Riga was a German educator and ethnographer. Brotze studied theology and philosophy at the universities of Leipzig and Wittenberg. 1768 He went to Riga and spent 46 Years as a teacher at the local Imperial Lyceum. During this time he collected historical data, […]

Codex Diplomaticus Saxoniae Regiae

Der Codex diplomaticus Saxoniae (CDS) is the basic source material on the medieval history of Saxony. It collects in a first main part of the charters of the Margrave of Meissen and Landgrave of Thuringia, in einem zweiten Hauptteil die Urkunden der sächsischen Städte und geistlichen Institutionen einschließlich der Urkunden und der Matrikel der Universität Leipzig und wird künftig in einem […]

Diary from the genealogy of the House of Wettin

1. January: The diary entries will start on 1. January 1554 with the words: Sophie, Daughter of the heart. Christoph of Württemberg, 1. Wife of the heart. Frederick William I. Altenburg, d. 1. Son d. Heart. Johann Wilhelm I. Weimar, give. 1612: August, youngest son of the Electoral. Christian I. of Saxony, marries Elizabeth, Tochter des […]

Online service: General German Biography ADB and NDB

The website “German biography” is a joint project of the Historical Commission of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and the Bavarian State Library in the years 2007 to 2009. The search is simple and fast. It can be searched either by name, Profession, Sex, Date of birth, Date of death, Free text. It was found the search word “Genealogist” directly 120 Hit. This is […]


Environmental scientists William Liesegang from Ilfeld

William was born the son of Liesegang Liesegang hotel owner Emil (1858-1929) and his wife, Charlotte Pabst from Lipprechterode (1870-1944) His father William Edward (1810-1880) Master tailor in Ilfeld, was the brother of my great-great-great-great-grandfather, Friedrich August Liesegang, Gardeners in Ileld. William had three other siblings Liesegang, of which Walter (1899-1997) das Hotel vom Vater […]

History of the Earls of Virneburg from its beginnings up to Robert IV.

The counts of Virneburg occur in the area of ​​the old Mayengaues. The first count and the Castell Virneburg are around the year 1112 surely as. Must have this castle but there were earlier, because in order 1052 a “De Berne Uirniburc” called. Ein Graf Hermann hatte die Tochter des Grafen von Nassau und der Elisa […]

Viktor Emil von Gebsattel (1883-1976) – Life and Work

Viktor Emil Freiherr von Gebsattel was 1883 in Munich, the first son of General Constantine of the Bavarian cavalry Gebsattel (1854-1932) and his wife Marie, give. Baroness Karg of Bebenburg (1860–1927) born. He received the Catholic-dominated conservative parents strict upbringing, the military for a career was oriented towards. A permanent stiffening of the knee, the […]

Design of an illustrated biography on the life of jazz musician Thelonious Monk

Thelonious Sphere Monk - this was more than the man with the hat as a trademark. Monk fans of all countries are celebrating the 50. Anniversary of his breakthrough: The appearance in the New York Town Hall in February 1959. This fact could actually see as a sign. A coincidence or fate, dass genau in dem Jahr eine Diplomarbeit […]

Gottfried Christoph Beireis professor of Helmstedt 1759 to 1809

In the parish register of St. Blaise is at the year 1730: “Mr. Johann Christian Cammerschreiber Beyreis baptized a son, called Gottfried Christoph. The Godfather was Councillor Stüler. The 2ten Martii”. Because it was so common in Muehlhausen to let the children baptized on the second day after birth, So has the distinguished professor at the 28.2.1730 das Licht […]

Liechtenstein Urkundenbuch

The first part of the Liechtenstein deed book (I LUB) contains the sources for the history of Liechtenstein to the year 1416 (Extinction of the Counts of Vaduz line of mountain-Sargans). Edited, the sources in the archives in Liechtenstein, of Switzerland (particularly St. Gallen and Graubünden), Vorarlberg, Innsbruck and South Germany. The second part of the LUB has been 1997 in […]

Joachim Lambert IV. Minister and senior pastor inspector to Spandau

Joachim Lambert was born on 28.1.1658 Born in Kyritz. Since the family had before him Lamprecht three carriers of the same name, He was Joachim IV. called. The Lamberts were among the oldest families of the city council detectable. As the old records were destroyed by the magistrate Kyritzer larger fires, war man bei der Erforschung der ältesten Geschichte […]

Genealogy of the surgeon Bernhard von Langenbeck

Bernhard von Langenbeck was the 8. November 1810 Padingbüttel in the world, son of the pastor Georg Langenbeck (1766-1844) and his wife Johanna Elisabeth Charlotte Sussman. His grandfather was a pastor in Horneburg and married Marie Elisabeth von der Heyde. According to lore was his ancestor Henricus Langenbeck, Authorized representative of his sovereign in the peace negotiations 1648 […]

The descendants of Ambrose miner of the Baltic

Born 26.5.1641 in Fischhausen, He was on 14.5.1661 for the study of theology in Königsberg and was enrolled here referred to as “Pillaviensis”. His parents are indicated as Auli advocate fisci Ambrose et Sabine Berman and Wegener, Daughter of Master Caspar Wegener, der in einer kurzen Biografie lutherischer Prediger in der Provinz Livland als Archidiaconus […]

Live image of the professor of mineralogy at the University of Tartu, Dr. Constantin Grewingk

Constantin Caspar Andreas Grewingk, born 2/14. January 1819 in Fellin (Livonia) was the son of Johann Caspar Stadtsyndicus Grewingk and his wife Christine nee Schramm. Of the highly educated parents, he was 1828-1836 sent to the Institute for Birkenruh Dersche Holla at contact and from 1836-1837 he prepared the Tartu school before the study, […]