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Chronological list of pupils of the teacher's seminar on Wolfenbüttel since the founding 1753

This list is quite meaningful for family researchers, but it includes detailed information such as date and place of all pupils, as well as communications about the career. It was given as a Festschrift in order, the occasion of the inauguration of the new seminary building at 9. October 1879, provided with additions to 1903. Author: Carl Julius Stausebach, continued by H. Karsten U. H. Breuer, Publisher Zwisler in Wolfenbüttel 1903 Those: New language:

The University of Vienna and its scholars 1520 to 1565

The history of Vienna University begins in the Age of Reformation, it expires after the death of Maximilian I. By Ferdinand's reform legislation it becomes a state institution. The consequences for the university status by Emperor Maximilian II. be accurately described. Of course, every university has a scholarly history with biographical notes, including the Vienna Johann Faber bishops and Friedrich Nausea, or statesmen Sigmund Herberstein and Augerius Busbeck, the imperial physician Julius Alexandrinus and the imperial court librarian Hugo Blotius. Author: Joseph Ritter von Aschbach. Published by K. K. University[...]

The history of the city of Strasbourg

The book tells the story of the city since the Roman and Germanic period to the year 1000. in several chapters of the course of history as an episcopal city, in combat as a free imperial city, traced as French free city as the capital of the Empire State and Alsace-Lorraine. In 1308 An armed uprising was brutally suppressed. But it was formed out of an opposition within the governing, as the next generation of powerful domestic anger that derives from the family of Ortenau Müllheim, to the 1260 had appeared in Strasbourg, lifted by[...]

Portraits of famous members of the German Academy of Sciences in Berlin

Under the heading monographs on the history of the Academy to 1900, There are lots of interesting images plus biographies.

Database Courland freight documents

The edition “Courland freight documents” the research developed a central source of information for the Livonian history of the late Middle Ages and the Reformation, to the particular economic, socially- opened and population issues new historical insights. The data relating to rural land in the area of ​​the later Duchy of Courland “Freight documents” – primarily feudal, Purchase- and deposit certificates, Documents about Eheberedungen, Border inspections, litigation, Pension activities u.a.m. – are in the publication of the Liv-, Is- Courland and document book recessed remained, so that with their publishing a hitherto largely unknown source fundus presented[...]