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Design of an illustrated biography on the life of jazz musician Thelonious Monk

Thelonious Sphere Monk - this was more than the man with the hat as a trademark. Monk fans of all countries are celebrating the 50. Anniversary of his breakthrough: The appearance in the New York Town Hall in February 1959. This fact could actually see as a sign. A coincidence or fate, that was just written in the year of a thesis by Tobias backs and Thelonious Monk? This question is probably just as little to clarify how all the myths and theories exist about the jazz musician Monk and his[...]

Family Tree Kraemer from Neckarrems together with a pedigree

The Kraemer family can be detected in documents to the year 1498, where even a J. Kremmer is mentioned as a farm owner in Deed in Neckarrems. Neckarrems was in the family 9 Generations resident. The last family member there was Friedrich Ludwig Kraemer, which 1863 emigrated to America is.

Gottfried Christoph Beireis professor of Helmstedt 1759 to 1809

In the parish register of St. Blaise is at the year 1730: “Mr. Johann Christian Cammerschreiber Beyreis baptized a son, called Gottfried Christoph. The Godfather was Councillor Stüler. The 2ten Martii”. Because it was so common in Muehlhausen to let the children baptized on the second day after birth, So has the distinguished professor at the 28.2.1730 the light of day; done so that different information. The whole of Germany knew Beireis, his call reverberated far to distant lands. Raised figures (as Goethe) came to Helmstedt, only to have it[...]

The chronicle of the city of Cologne, with numerous illustrations

A work of Nicolaus stool, Dusseldorf 1857 (Digital copy of the University and State Library Dusseldorf)

Liechtenstein Urkundenbuch

The first part of the Liechtenstein deed book (I LUB) contains the sources for the history of Liechtenstein to the year 1416 (Extinction of the Counts of Vaduz line of mountain-Sargans). Edited, the sources in the archives in Liechtenstein, of Switzerland (particularly St. Gallen and Graubünden), Vorarlberg, Innsbruck and South Germany. The second part of the LUB has been 1997 in progress. It contains the sources of the reign of the Barons of Brandis (1417 to 1510).