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Diary from the genealogy of the House of Wettin

1. January: The diary entries will start on 1. January 1554 with the words: Sophie, Daughter of the heart. Christoph of Württemberg, 1. Wife of the heart. Frederick William I. Altenburg, d. 1. Son d. Heart. Johann Wilhelm I. Weimar, give. 1612: August, youngest son of the Electoral. Christian I. of Saxony, marries Elizabeth, Daughter of the heart. Heinrich Julius of Brunswick. 1699: George, 6. Son of the heart. Bernard of Meiningen, of 6. Son of the heart. Ernst d. Pious of Gotha, died about Meiningen……

Online service: General German Biography ADB and NDB

The website “German biography” is a joint project of the Historical Commission of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and the Bavarian State Library in the years 2007 to 2009. The search is simple and fast. It can be searched either by name, Profession, Sex, Date of birth, Date of death, Free text. It was found the search word “Genealogist” directly 120 Hit. It was funded by the DFG. Currently it includes digital full texts of more than 90.000 historical figures and more than 46.000 historical and biographical articles of the General German Biography (ADB, 56  [...]

Environmental scientists William Liesegang from Ilfeld


William was born the son of Liesegang Liesegang hotel owner Emil (1858-1929) and his wife, Charlotte Pabst from Lipprechterode (1870-1944) His father William Edward (1810-1880) Master tailor in Ilfeld, was the brother of my great-great-great-great-grandfather, Friedrich August Liesegang, Gardeners in Ileld. William had three other siblings Liesegang, of which Walter (1899-1997) the hotel from the father took. William was married to Ilse Come Ritz (1902-1976) a subsidiary of the bank officials Emil Come Ritz Liebstadt (East Prussia) Elsbeth and Stephani. His son Dietrich (*1930-1989) Dipl war. Ing., Beim directory[...]

History of the Earls of Virneburg from its beginnings up to Robert IV.

The counts of Virneburg occur in the area of ​​the old Mayengaues. The first count and the Castell Virneburg are around the year 1112 surely as. Must have this castle but there were earlier, because in order 1052 a “De Berne Uirniburc” called. A Count Hermann was the daughter of the Count of Nassau and Elisa von Schaumburg, Married Countess of Nassau. That he gave the right to the patrimony of his mother, who came from the house of Isenburg. The fact that Herman was anxious, not diminished[...]

Viktor Emil von Gebsattel (1883-1976) – Life and Work

Viktor Emil Freiherr von Gebsattel was 1883 in Munich, the first son of General Constantine of the Bavarian cavalry Gebsattel (1854-1932) and his wife Marie, give. Baroness Karg of Bebenburg (1860–1927) born. He received the Catholic-dominated conservative parents strict upbringing, the military for a career was oriented towards. A permanent stiffening of the knee, the result of a hunting accident, made an impossible military use, so Gebsattel first career diplomats sought. After graduation he studied law in Berlin therefore, but quickly turned the[...]