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Family background and life of the anthropologist Gustav Schwalbe (1844-1916)

Gustav Schwalbe was the 1.8.1844 Born in Quedlinburg. His father, the physician Gustav Ferdinand, Albert died when Gustav was only two years old. No sooner had the family overcome this blow, was the next disaster. A fire at the 18.3.1849 brought the family to almost the entire I. So the family came from Caroline Swallow, the sister of the deceased under. After school decided to swallow a medical school record and he spent his first semester (Winter 1862/63) in Berlin, wo sein Bruder Bernhard Naturwissenschaften studierte.  [...]


I would like to present a project should support you and if you have war letters and related documents, Photos, Passes, Diaries, Leaflets and other materials, would then provide feedback to the address below wonderfully!

Emigrant letters from North America


In collaboration with the Free University of Berlin and the Research Library Gotha emigrants are looking for letters written by emigrants from North America. The largest collection currently includes 7000 Letters should be complemented and supplemented and.

Holocaust Gedenktag

66 Years after the liberation of Auschwitz on 27.1.1945 – and raised by President Roman Herzog Memorial Day – I would like to introduce you to some helpful websites for genealogists: JewishGen offers to its databases, the ability to research, To find family members with Jewish ancestry. is also a website with “Holocaust Genealogy Resources” JewishGen Holocaust Global Registry, with search by Holocaust survivors, Search for victims and survivors of Auschwitz victims names list and database of Holocaust victims and Jewish immigrants, the largest Holocaust database with many pictures and documents[...]

The names of the teachers in Krimderode

Aus der Ortschronik des Dorfes Krimderode von W. Vahlbruch: 1574-1592 Churches- and janitor John Blasius 1670-1675 Hans Lüdicke, Janitor from Nordhausen 1675-1676 Martin Weige, Janitor, died in Krimderode 1676-1700 Lorentz Master, Janitor 1700-1705 Balthasar Hoffmann, Janitor 1705-1718 Anselm Guenther Straubel, Janitor 1729-1735 Andreas Koeller, Janitor, died in Krimderode 1737-1752 Ludwig Brodtkorb, Kantor and janitor, died in Krimderode 1752-1795 Martin Brodtkorb, Office, died in Krimderode 1795-1798 Christian Bock, Office, went to Buchholz 1799-1804 Christian Hof, Office, went to Appenrode 1804-1833 Andreas leg, Office,  [...]