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The archive of key mountain

The Upper Austrian State Archives, through the generosity of the state representation since 1. September 1896 reorganized and placed in corresponding thereto spaces, has as its most valuable part of the “Schlüsselberger Archives”… which of the patriotic historian Johann Georg Adam Baron Hoheneck (even his own life story containing) based on its trunk lock and key mountain at Grieskrichen in 1834 was acquired by the states in the country for their archive.

August Kotzebue: The nobility

Fragment of a larger historical-philosophical work on honor and shame, Glory and fame of all nations and of all ages as a Download. Author: August von Kotzebue, Leipzig 1792

Livonian freight documents from the years 1207 to 1500

The Tartu University Library offers the above goods certificates to be downloaded. Authors: von Bruiningk, And Hermann Busch, Nicolaus, with 9 Boards. Released 1908 Published by the Commission Jonck & Poliewsky in Riga.

History of Heraldry

This important reference work was written by Gustav Adelbert Seyler and appeared in a New Town. d. Aisch in: Bauer & Raspe, 1970. It includes the structure of the stands, the knighthood is illuminated thematically, as the tournaments. We continue to sample the ancestors and the legal battle, the prehistory of the coat of arms, The coat of arms symbolism, the coat of arms art, Heraldry and coat of arms right. A section is devoted to the mathematical and philosophical school and Philipp Jacob Spener. The whole is rounded off with a detailed index and images of some original shields.

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