Month: January 2010

Illustrated history of German literature from the earliest times to the present

With significant historic biographies and pictures of Martin Opitz, Klopstock, Lessing, Goethe, Schiller, Emile Zola, von Hofmannsthal, Arthur Schnitzler, Nietzsche, Tolstoy, Thomas Mann and many others. Published in Regensburg 1926-1932 von Anselm Salzer.Like this:Like Loading

Contributions to the history of the city and district of Nordhausen

Of interest to local historians and genealogists in the Harz region is the newly released tape 34 the history- and Classical Association, Municipal Archives and tobacco store Nordhausen. The book can be ordered from the museum store tobacco, Baker Street 19 in 99734 Nordhausen. It was released by the publisher Neukirchner (ISBN: 978-3-929767-74-0) with subsequent contributions: Like this:Like Loading

Chronicle of domination Straupitz in Lower Lusatia

To rule Straupitz included the villages of Mocho, Straupitz and Laaso. The village was Straupitz 1346 a church village, The Wendish village comes Laaso 1447 in front of Lehnbriefen, Vorwerk is the first in a Mocho Lehnbrief 1565 called and was created by two brothers, Caspar and Christoph, Castle Count of Dohna. Like this:Like Loading

Armorial called by the First Code Seffken

Armorial of the First, called “Codex Seffken” next the Zurich Wappenrolle the oldest heraldic manuscript, created by 1379. The original from the late 14. Century and was modeled with an introduction and notes by Gustav Adelbert Seyler, Berlin, Verein Herold 1893. Es enthält die Wappen aus dem niederländischen und niederrheinischen Bereich.Like this:Like Loading

Brandenburg Genealogical Yearbook 2009

Just out and provided with the following content is recommended above yearbook very: Brandenburg History * The former Saxon territories of Brandenburg * Stories of gold ruby ​​- glassmaking tradition of Kunckel to Kralik General Genealogy * Family trusts as a genealogical source - the example of Koephjohannschen Foundation in Berlin Brandenburg genealogy * Dr. Joachim Wilhelm Erdmann […]


Tour of the University Library and casting their stocks, edited by Irmgard Lair and Peter Reuter, inventories of governmental archives of the district of Paderborn, published by the Histor. Come. the province of Westphalia. Bearb. Johannes Münster Linneborn i. In: Aschendorff, 1923 Inventories of governmental archives of the circle Buren, edited by L. Schmitz Kallenberg Munster i. In : Aschendorff, […]

The feudal lords and vassals of the castle and the glory Rheydt

The earliest inhabitants of the Lower Rhine level were the Celts. This ancient nation in the opinion of the Lore-language name Rheydt back which leads as they say- is derived from the Celtic word “rithi=Wasserfurt”. Neben der genauen Vorgeschichte wird ausführlich berichtet über die Gemeinde sowie die Lehnsträger und Lehnsherren Rheydts bis zu den Zeiten der französischen […]

The aristocratic convent sea near Neuss

The presentation of the history of the monastery was at the instigation of Baron Friedrich von der Leyen-Bloemersheim. He was also undertook the design changes and so the buildings saved from destruction. In this way, a lot of memories, the former to the monastery and its former owner remembered, will receive. Neben der ausführlichen Darlegung der geschichtlichen […]

Green's book Saxon priest

The three volumes include the parishes and pastors of the Evangelical Lutheran. Church of Saxony by 1539-1939. They were published by order of the minister Association. To the band parishes of the Evangelical Lutheran. Lutheran Church of Saxony to go here: this:Like Loading

Album ruling archbishops and bishops of the German Empire

Album der jetzt regierenden Erzbischöfe und Bischöfe des deutschen Reiches in photographischen Brustbildern nebst kurzen Lebensskizzen Düsseldorf.Like this:Like Loading

Say from the house of Hohenzollern

Zoller Say, Also legendary traits and characteristics of the life of the Hohenzollern. Excerpt from the contents of the three volumes: The castle and the deer Schalksburg, Origin of Hohenzollern, The foundation of the monastery Stetten, Count Friedrich von Zollern, gen. the Öttinger, The murder count to Nuremberg John Cicero, Joachim I. the Nestor, Joachim II. named Hector, Markgraf Hans von […]

Castle Archive

A recommended online directory to individual noble families, and manors, Castles from the states of Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse, Nordwestbayern und Baden-Württemberg. Like this:Like Loading

From Salzaer Zimmermann for architect

It is one of those incredible stories, can write the life sometimes. Robert Otto, a carpenter from Salza, took off once, then magnificent for Opel, To build Ford and Volkswagen. A Biography – presented by Steffen Iffland…Like this:Like Loading