Month: December 2009

Merry Christmas!

Dein Weihnachten soll ein fröhliches und dein neues Jahr ein glückliches sein! In diesem Sinne wünsche ich meinen Lesern und allen Nutzern der Datenbank besinnliche Feiertage!

From the Hohenzollern Yearbook

Digital documents and images with research on the history of the Hohenzollerns of Brandenburg-Prussia, edited by Paul Seidel published by Giesecke & Devrient. The individual contributions from the vintages of the Hohenzollern Yearbook can be downloaded from the website of the Central and Regional Library Berlin. The contents of the classes can be viewed. I have noticed the following example text:

Mecklenburg church book duplicates 1876-1918

This data collection contains church book duplicates of Protestant and Catholic parishes in the former duchies of Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Mecklenburg-Strelitz, now part of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. The parish registers contain records of baptisms, Births, Marriages, Funerals, Deaths, Confirmations and Communions. The majority of the records covering the cohorts 1876-1918 from. However, there are few previous reports, some as early as 1716.

Christmas raffle!

Christmas is coming and agrees with his Christmas raffle at a Christmas party this year! The publisher of Steffen Iffland has kindly provided for the occasion with a good book with the title “Complete history of the county Hohenstein” provided! Anyone can take up to 19.12.2009 a small comment with a) dem seltsamsten […]

From the Life of Princess Amalie Auguste

The present duchy of Nassau, was split into two principalities beginning of this century, once the princely branch of Nassau-Usingen and secondly, the royal line of Nassau-Weilburg. The line with the Emperor Adolph of Nassau-Usingen (+1298) among their ancestors, in the male line died out with the first Duke Friedrich August of Nassau, give. at the 23.4.1738 + 24.3.1816. Friedrich August wird beschrieben […]

Advent Raffle Genealogy

Eine gute Idee, der ich mich auch anschließen möchte. Entdeckt habe ich die Verlosung im BlogOrmus.infound auf der Webseite von “Dirk Peters”. Es gibt 2 Lizenzen für Ahnenforschung Software zu gewinnen. Die jeweiligen Autoren haben für diese Verlosung eine Lizenz für TNG und Ages! provided. Um eine der beiden Lizenzen zu […]

Erich Liesegang, Director of the National Library Wiesbaden

Karl Richard “Erich” Liesegang born on 26.5.1860 Duisburg in the light of the world. His parents were originally from Pearl Mountain Dr. phil. Privy Councillor, Helmuth Karl Albert Liesegang (1827-1914) and his mother, born in Schwedt Agnes Marie Sophie Ottilie Jüngel (1836-1883) Daughter of the businessman Albert Jüngel and his wife Agnes Schweiger. Erich hatte noch […]

George Liesegang royal Prussian Government

Hans Georg Wilhelm Lies Gang comb pm 9.10.1855 in Potsdam of the royal Prussian first son. Upper control inspector Karl Johann Friedrich Wilhelm (1819-1875) and his wife Minna Constantia Emilie Hecker (1837-1906) to the world. His grandfather was a superintendent and pastor in Upper Mount Pearl. His career started off with the profession of a foreman 18.11.1880. Already on 21.2.1886 wurde Liesegang zum […]